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    Dialight equivalent to Luo P02?

    Hi, I have a client who's had full head blonde with Luo P02 on her hair for years. We've been transitioning towards midlights recently, and now I need a new toner for the blonde strands in her highlights that won't lift the darker strands, so looking at Dialight. I've tried 9.12 but she says she...
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    Searching for the perfect flat light brown

    Hi all, I've got a client who's colour is driving me mad. To the eye it looks like a very flat, very light natural brown. She says when she goes in the sun her hair blondes a little. There is no red in the tone at all but it isn't particularly ash looking either. On appearance you'd say she's a...
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    Toning with Luo Colour without lightening

    I have highlighted hair with light brown base. It's a very dark mousy blonde, and ash toned. The toner in the blonde streaks has faded and they have lightened and turned a little warm, which they normally do after 6 weeks or so, and usually I go to the salon to have it toned between highlights...