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    Awesome nail series on YouTube

    Morning Ladies. Elizabeth Morris from the nail hub is doing a series on Youtube for nails that is really good and informative. She also does some amazing business related podcasts as she has a degree with a finance background. Check her out! The Nail Hub on Youtube
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    Help, my six year old has started nail biting!

    Hi geeks. I hope some of you can offer advice. My hubby and I have been working on trying to get my six year old son to stop sucking his thumb. But he's turned to biting his nails instead! He is only biting 3 fingers on one hand. Any ideas for stoping this? Normally for nail biters I do gel...
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    New OPI Dual Cure lamp?

    Hi everyone. I saw that opi is releasing a new lamp that is a dual cure. I'm just interested if anyone has tried it and if it cures uv only gels as well as led gels. It is recommended for the new pro health base coat which is supposed to soak off in 7 minutes! Just curious as to if anyone techs...
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    New OPI Gelcolor base coats?

    Anyone tried the new OPI Gelcolor strengthening or ridge filler base coats? Any feed back for application/removal and if the strengthening one improves weak nails? Just looking for advice before I buy. Thanks.
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    Which nail faux-paux are you guilty of?

    Well, for the first time today in my life, I have one nail that is shorter than all the others. I had on gel polish, but didn't have time after I took it off to get them done right away. Sure enough, without the polish, my middle nail on my dominant hand broke. I just couldn't cut the others...
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    Which Nail Faux-Pas are You Guilty Of?

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    CND training in Canada

    Hi geeks. I am not a trained professional, but I would like to train with CND. Do any of you have advice on how to go about training in Canada? I have already contacted CND and they have given me a contact for training in Canada, but if anyone has been through it and could offer some info, I...