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    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    Thank you - I’m hoping that can happen as I don’t want to have to cut my nails right down and rely on extensions tips! My only concern is as you have mentioned - could I have damaged my natural nails through keeping the acrylic unmaintained and growing you for so long? 😳😱 I have noticed the...
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    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    Thanks for your reply. These aren’t extensions - they are my own natural nails which I had an acrylic overlay put on at the end of December. The line you see is where the acrylic has grown up to and yes I Have painted over the nails with a polish of my own. I didn’t remove the acrylic as I...
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    Acrylics left on over 3 months (no refill)

    Hello, I’ve kept my acrylic nails on all through the latest UK lockdown and not had any refills so the regrowth is a lot :O I filed the ‘ledge’ of acrylic down 6 weeks ago to try and prevent too much unevenness but didn’t want to get rid of all of it as I find without any acrylic base my nails...
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    Bleach highlights after lockdown

    Hello, I am getting my hair bleached after lockdown and I have about 2 inches of regrowth. My base colour is a 3/4 and I normally go to a level 10 before having a toner. I never normally have this much regrowth though and I’m worried the overall colour won’t be as bright as I want because of...
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    Tape hair extensions refit - help!

    I have a client who has had tape in hair extensions since early December and obviously is now overdue a refit. She has asked whether she needs to remove them herself but having sent me some photos, her extensions seem to still be holding up well: none have slipped, they don’t appear...