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    Awesome nail series on YouTube

    Morning Ladies. Elizabeth Morris from the nail hub is doing a series on Youtube for nails that is really good and informative. She also does some amazing business related podcasts as she has a degree with a finance background. Check her out! The Nail Hub on Youtube
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    Glitter question

    I encapsulate glitter gels with Light Elegance One Step in Clear and top with Super Shiny and have glitter nails for weeks that shine and look fantastic! I second the curing and cooling caution of the post above. Sound advice to get the best out of super shiny. (Which is my favourite top coat of...
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    Best soak off gel for enhancements?

    The Akzentz options line is a soak off hard gel. I haven't used it but am a fan of the brand in general. I used to soak off but simply find it too time consuming. I also believe a well trained tech that is careful with a file will do less damage than constant soaking off will.
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    Best acrylic and gel?

    I would suggest purchasing some trial packs to see how you get on and how you like working with the products. I've used En Vogue, Polygel and Light Elegance and Fuzion. Light Elegance is my favourite but I've also trained with Celina Ryden and love their color and glitter gel lines so I'm...
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    Late to the game with stamping

    Moyou London and Clear Jelly Stamper are my fav.
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    Hard gel recommendations

    Light Elegance for me the brand. The products are amazing. Best glitter gels on the market and the colors are great too. Love the whole system.
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    What to do about clients whose natural nails don't adhere to any enhancements?

    Have you tried a primer? Are all of your other nails lasting well?
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    Recommendations on manicure desks

    IKEA limonnon top and Alex drawers for me!
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    Canni nail gels

    Alexander Sefanov on YouTube uses it.
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    Appointment times

    This is experience working in a dental office as a receptionist speaking, dont let your clients control your schedule! I always give clients two choices and 90% of the time they pick one. If neither really suits them, they'll let you know and you can go from there. I only work part time in the...
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    Home based business - storage

    I use the Alex drawers from IKEA. The smaller ones fit polish perfectly. Note that the wide rolling drawers are too shallow for polish bottles. I use opi. Good luck!
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    Business cards?

    Vistaprint for me too.
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    Nail stamping

    I think that pretty much any stamping would work over gel. I use Clear Jelly Stamper polishes and they work great. I always stamp over a cleansed top coat so that uncured inhibition layer doesn't get transferred everywhere. Then if I screw up my stamp, I can wipe it off and redo without removing...
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    Ikea Malm table-need advice!

    I have the IKEA limonin (totally spelled that wrong!) top and Alex drawers. I chose the top in a narrow width and it works perfectly! I'd like to get a glass top though!
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    What is most important to you?

    1. Hygiene and cleanliness sanitization. 2. Nails that look great and last. 3. Client service and personality/relationship with the tech. 4. Price for value. I'm willing to pay high prices, but the nails have to rock! 5. Time. I would rather spend 2 hours with an awesome tech who is my friend...
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    Home shed/home salon room?

    I say do it! I love having my room in my house. Like the other posters said it's just you and the client. Its makes for a really personal and enjoyable experience! Mine is not ideal. It's in an open loft in an open concept house with my dog and kids etc. If I had the money and my hubby would let...
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    Client base buying help

    I would never buy someone's clients. They are people and can't be bought and dont "belong" to a tech or a salon. Not to mention I would be livid as a client if someone sold my details. I would consider it a total breach of trust and feel the person selling my details would lack integrity and...
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    Glittery, fun gel polishes?

    Give light elegance p+ a try. I use their hard gel line but their glitters are amazing! As far as I see they do the best glitter gels on the market.
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    Creating a portfolio?

    As a nail tech looking for some part time work I've received great feedback by providing the hiring manager with my Instagram (nails only) page during the initial contact when inquiring about the job posting by email. It saves you having to print etc and allows the manager to really zoom in on...
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    Help! Interview technique/employing

    I work an office job and over the last 3 years we've seen a huge improvement in the office dynamic and productivity since changing the hiring model from skill based to fit/culture based. I too believe that it is much easier to fill a knowledge gap and find someone with an excellent ability to...