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    Please help, customer won’t leave me alone!

    It pains me to have to come on here and ask about this but I’m struggling to sleep now and hate to go out incase I bump into a customer! Iv been a hairdresser for 16 years now and recently opened up a salon at home. I did a new lady in November and she was so pleased, did it again in December...
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    Caramel highlights base 6

    My lady had colour her hair with nice and easy 24 wash base of 6 for years, she decided she wanted to go for a full head of weaves, what would you recommend to achieve caramel highlights? As I say it's a base of 6 but very faded and semi permanent!
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    Platinum went grey now greeny

    Hi all, I did affirm age platinum 10.117 today over very light bleached hair and it went a gorgeous colour but with a very small area of prominent grey/blue on both sides! Client was very nervous anyway so I used some lemon and conditioner in which case it went greeny and dry! She has now...
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    Toning this picture using lowlights!

    Wanting lowlights to achieve a natural of about a base of 8.0. Recommendations? Emergency
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    Bleach and 12/1 needs toning

    With a base of 8/9 i did full head of weaved highlights but fine slices ontop leaving a chunk of blonde. Am going back tomorrow to tone the chunk down but fairly new to affinage... Would i be best to go over each slice and weave something such as 9/01 through it to try and break it up abit...
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    Affinage 12/1 and bleach slices need toning-advice please

    Hi, i did a really silly thing today to a regulars hair. She has extremely long thick hair and i always do a full head of weaved highlights throughout but following a week from hell my mind wondered and i continued to do my own thing! I did fine slices along the whole parting, no weaves no gaps...