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  1. ronray

    Balayage help

    I should imagine you'd need to tone the ends after you've lifted them. So I'd probably balayage first, process and rinse. Then do your root colour and blend it with your toner on the mid lengths and ends.
  2. ronray

    Best toner for cool, yet not too ashy hair?

  3. ronray

    Best toner for cool, yet not too ashy hair?

    My bad I forgot to do it 😂 😂
  4. ronray

    Best toner for cool, yet not too ashy hair?

    If you look at the photo I've attached you can see that the cool is much darker than the warm. The warm is brighter. If you would be happier with say the last 2 swatches, they are more neutral. Neutral is neither warm nor cool. But will definitely be closer to what you're looking for. The only...
  5. ronray

    Fashion grey

    If you can get the hair to a level 10 and Pretone. Then I'd look at crazy colour slate and graphite.
  6. ronray

    Root shadow?

    I pretty much always do this anyway only because a lot of clients don't actually like their natural colour. Use a Demi if you're not having to cover more than 50% of white hair. If your client prefers not to have a root colour. You just have to backcomb more with a teasing brush or a few ne...
  7. ronray

    Balayage help

    I'd backcomb through the top sections from the Mids up and do slices across the top as you suggested. Then I'd freehand through the underneath adding a few foils around the face if need be. Other people will tackle this differently and that's okay, we're all different. As long as you and the...
  8. ronray

    Help with pink

    What's your clients hair like at the moment?
  9. ronray

    Deepshine gentle lightening cream

    It'd be very similar to wella blondor meches system and goldwell topchic blonding creme
  10. ronray

    Toning help please

    Colour touch would be better
  11. ronray

    Best toner for cool, yet not too ashy hair?

    Your hairdresser is correct, she cannot use anything lighter than a level 9 on a level 9 as it won't do anything. If you want bright on a level 9 you need to have some form of warmth. Brightness comes from gold, not ash. Ashes are much denser tones than golden / warmer tones which don't let...
  12. ronray

    Toner for blonde hair

    Colour touch is technically better, because of the nature of it. But if you want a good lilac then illumina 9/60 is great. And a blue grey, would definitely recommend colour touch 20 parts 8/81 a tiny spot of 2/8 (tiny tiny pea size)
  13. ronray

    Wella dark cherry red colour?

    For the first photo I'd look at using koleston 55/46 For the second I'd probably steer towards 44/65
  14. ronray

    NXT advice

    I used a 9.11 in NXT and it wasn't like the 9.11 I'd usually use. It was much more dense. I know it's not the same shade you're asking about. But thought it may help?
  15. ronray

    Patch testing after vaccines

    Yes because technically its a medical change.
  16. ronray

    Wella help please

    What kind of pink are we talking? Pink ranges vastly, your colour choices will de on the goal colour and your starting point
  17. ronray

    Wella special blonde and special mix

    12/89 is always my go to. To be honest nothing will ever beat a bleach and tone, especially on dark hair. If it's any darker than a 7 then Highlift isn't really ideal.
  18. ronray

    Mobile hairdressers, what do you use to carry stock?

    Yes I'm sure an underbed storage container would be the perfect height to fit the length of a tube.
  19. ronray

    Alfaparf platinum series?

    I can't speak for alfaparf personally. But what I can say is I've not managed to find a better Highlift blonde than wella.
  20. ronray

    Mobile hairdressers, what do you use to carry stock?

    I'm not a mobile hairdresser so not sure if this would be practical. But could you not keep tools and PPE etc in the big bag? And the other use a storage tub to put your colour tubes in bottom end first so all your shades are showing face up? Might be easier, at least that way you can take in...