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    Renting space contract

    Thankyou NHF is that NHFB ?
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    Semi permanent lash tweezers

    Lash Allure - Premade Fans - Eyelash Extension Supplier these tweezers all amazing I also have a discount code of ash10 xx
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    Work Showcase Eyelash extensions

    Your doing amazing keep on going x
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    Renting space contract

    Afternoon geeks, I am subletting my beauty room space which I am allowed all been clarified. But I am writing up a contact up, so my business is based in another business, she states she working under the other business not mine. Do I state the to her that she under me or not? I stated she needs...
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    New salon opening advice

    Right guys I am hoping to open a salon when this virus is over, how do I work out the business rates? I know I have salon rent, business rates, service charge insurance I know I will need public liability, my own insurance to do treatments! Music license is there anything else I need to...
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    Aesthetics business advice

    Morning girls, I just about to do a microneedling course, and about to get a new logo done. I mainly do nails lashes and bit of waxing. I got a nvq level 2 and 3 in nails and beauty. Looking to move forward and complete level 4 beauty in certain facial treatments. My current business name is...
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    Hot wax on my car seat

    Thanks I give this a try tomorrow
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    Hot wax on my car seat

    I spilt hot wax on my car seats I thought it would remove well but nope! Any tips x
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    Roller wax help

    I have a roller wax system I used to use clean and easy now I got salon system one with one slot! I am not sure if it is me but I find the wax dries to quick on the leg and takes ages to heat up x Any tips I can have x
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    Waxing eyebrows help

    I have always used soft wax for waxing eyebrows over 15 years and confident using it! But my wax pot kept spilling in my car or box etc, so I went to my local wholesalers she said use the hot wax! I feel like it don’t get no hairs out well not all of them! Any tips? Or anyone in Essex who I am...
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    Eyelash suppliers

    I use lash allure amazing products! X