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    Deep facial peels

    Facial Peels: - 15% passion fruit - 30% vitamin C/enzyme - 50% lactic and kojic acid - 20% salycilic and glycolic acid - 40% glycolic and retinoic acid A chemical peel is a treatment in which an acid solution is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. Typically administered as a...
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    Laser anti-ageing facial skin treatment

    Reverse the signs of aging and skin laxity with the non-ablative lasers. - For all skin types - Improve overall skin texture and appearance - Reduce wrinkles - Treat sun-damaged skin - Stimulates skin to produce new collagen - No downtime Correcting wrinkles and skin laxity can significantly...
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    Do you know your skin type?

    The history of skin type classification is rather new and there has been considerable progress made with continuing awareness in recent years. The Fitzpatrick skin classification system is one of the oldest and most commonly used classification systems, developed in 1975 by Thomas Fitzpatrick...
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    Skin ageing, what can you do to manage it?

    Skin aging is a natural biological process with a significant clinical and social impact. A progressive increase in life expectancy means an increase in the number of the elderly population thereby further stressing the importance of skin aging. With advancing age, there is weakening and...
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    Dermeluxx skin resurfacing system

    The Dermeluxx Skin Resurfacing system is an evolution in hydrofacial microdermabrasion. This advanced system eliminates the messy crystals used in the past and has made skin rejuvenation the clean, controlled procedure it should be. The Dermeluxx wand gently and painlessly exfoliates the skin...
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    What clinics may not tell about laser hair removal

    If you’re planning to undergo laser hair removal, you may also be interested in knowing its issues first. Just like any other beauty treatments, hair laser removal has the benefit of its risks and restrictions. But it doesn’t mean it is no longer a terrific treatment that can help you achieve...