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  1. cassies97

    Cutting your own hair - would you do it yourself?

    I cut mine the other day too, though mine is longer so its easier! I was thinking about ordering a new block and showing my mum how to cut just so she can do mine whilst we're in lockdown. Glad yours went well!
  2. cassies97

    Hair not lifting

    Are you a professional hairdresser?
  3. cassies97

    High lift tint to reduce damage?

    Highlift tint is permanent colour and can be just as damaging if not more so than bleach if misused. I'd rather use bleach with a low developer (1.9% to 6%) than use a high ammonia tint with 12%. I think there’s this mad bleach scare as if you'll end up with broken or extremely damaged hair...
  4. cassies97

    Wella Opal Essence

    Love it!
  5. cassies97

    How would you colour? Grey/white hair dilemma

    12% nooo, only ever 6% or below when using bleach, some can get away with 9% but never 12%. I usually start with pastel (1.9%) then work up to 6%. The only exception to this is balayage, you can use 12% when doing a balayage but thats because it tends to dry out and slow down so you can get...
  6. cassies97

    How would you colour? Grey/white hair dilemma

    Yeah just bleach it to a 10 then tone to white, leaving the top. Don't go any higher than 6% as you really don't need to. The only thing is that because her hair is short its going to grow out quite fast and will need scalp bleaching quite often.
  7. cassies97

    How would you colour? Grey/white hair dilemma

    When you say high peroxide... How high do you mean? If it was me and she wants it all white I'd just bleach and tone the underneath. If you can upload a pic it'd be really helpful.
  8. cassies97

    UK extension supplier

    Hair Planet are brilliant, I got about a year out of their indian wefts.
  9. cassies97

    100% white hair and highlights

    No because the toner wont give coverage on any white hair left out of the foils.
  10. cassies97

    100% white hair and highlights

    3% should be fine. 10/38 would be lovely!
  11. cassies97

    100% white hair and highlights

    It'll expose the keratin which is naturally yellow in colour, giving you what looks like a pale yellow colour which can then be toned.
  12. cassies97

    100% white hair and highlights

    Why can't you bleach and tone it?
  13. cassies97

    Bead placement, LA weave?

    Yes I do a horseshoe for all of the rows usually. How many rows depends on the clients own hair thickness and the amount of hair being added. I've never really used anything special in terms of beads, just the regular silicone lined ones you get from pretty much any supplier and I've never had...
  14. cassies97

    Bead placement, LA weave?

    The beads themselves are fine, thats as good and flat as you'll get them on a doll. However I find doing horizontal sections silly because you end up with a teeny tiny little pointless 4 inch row at the nap of the neck. In my opinion its much better to do a curved horseshoe type section that...
  15. cassies97

    Crown breakage

    What do you think is the cause? Sounds like tight ponytails to me, as you say backcombing won't help. It will grow back in time, advise her on haircare, styling and recommend products. You can still continue colouring it, it'll be fine, the hair isn't damaged as such or in bad condition, its...
  16. cassies97


    What colour do you want it to be? What colour line do you use?
  17. cassies97

    Wella gloss

    Colour touch is very shiny as is, you won't need to add any 0/00 all it'll do is dilute the depth AND the tone. The only time you'd mix it with other colours, in my opinion, is when trying to create pastel shades.
  18. cassies97

    Can I use Illumina with 4% to cover grey, or would I use 6% for this?

    Yeah, or colour touch plus if you want more coverage x
  19. cassies97

    Can I use Illumina with 4% to cover grey, or would I use 6% for this?

    I've done it before and it works quite well to blend them, it won't totally cover, even with 6% illumina doesn't give full coverage, but it'll just blend them nicely to leave a nice multi-tonal look.
  20. cassies97

    Colour brand

    Wella, I trained with it so it's ingrained into my brain, and every trime I stray from it I'm left disappointed as nothing lives up to it in my opinion. I find them very innovative as well, especially after the introduction of Illumina.