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  1. missreid

    Salon owners only

    Hi everyone, If you are a salon software salesperson please do not reply as I would just prefer salon owners opinions. After considering many different software companies I am now between Phorest & Premier Software. Has anyone got any good/bad experiences of using either? Thanks x
  2. missreid

    Personalised nail files

    I remember reading on here about having nail files printed with your logo for Xmas gifts for clients. Has anyone ever had these and where did you get them from? Thanks x
  3. missreid

    Salon Owners: GHD Xmas

    What do we all think of the ghd Xmas packs? I think they are quite overpriced for what they are compared to the offers last year.... And I feel a lot more pressure from the reps to sell. Everyones thoughts?
  4. missreid

    Navy blue hair colour

    One of my customers wants her hair navy blue, not blue/black, slightly lighter. She is a base 3 (tint). Any suggestions?xxx
  5. missreid

    OTC ombré hairdyes!

    I cannot believe they have starting selling these!! Can't wait for the colour corrections!x
  6. missreid

    Salon Geek for professionals or salon owners

    After reading through many heated discussions tonight, I was wondering why salon geek hasn't got a proper professional side (applying with certificates or qualifications) or just for salon owners? As a salon owner sometimes I would like to speak to like minded professionals. Persianista and...
  7. missreid

    Jordan on Daybreak

    I can't believe the state of Jordan's hair this morning! She has got at least an inch of dark regrowth. You think they would sort her hair out before she went on tv!
  8. missreid

    Aveda hair colour help!

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of help please! A friend of mine has always had her colour done at an Aveda salon. The salon has now gone bust and she is very determined not to have any other colour. I am a hardcore matrix user and would never switch, but I just want to help her out. Otherwise she...
  9. missreid

    Box colours!

    I walked past the hair dye section in Tesco yesterday and over heard a teenage girl ask her mom if she could have an xxl blonde dye to put on her hair. Does anyone else feel like they should step in like a superhero and warn them? I really feel I should but would probably be given a rather...
  10. missreid

    Would you mind being nosy at my website?!

    Hi everyone, if u get 5 minutes would you have a quick nosy at my website? I just need some honest opinions. I don't know if there's too much information on there. I value all of your opinions and I'm not touchy so please say what you think! Thanks x
  11. missreid

    Has anyone dealt with takeaway menu advertisers?

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone had dealt with these? It works out at £5 a week and you get that back in food from the restaurant. The advert is placed in the restaurant menu and the takeaway menu. It's an Italian and its really nice. It's a two year deal so I'm a bit skeptical. Its an...
  12. missreid

    College lecturers- grrr!

    Hi everyone, Just came on here to have a little rant! I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who is a hairdressing college lecturer and she agreed with me that students at college aren't learning and getting as much experience as much as we did, even whilst doing apprenticeships...