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    Microblading pigment colour help

    Hi all I recently trained in microblading but there is a lot I didn’t learn I have been watching lots of YouTube videos and have noticed some artists have mixed Orange into their pigments Can you explain what this would be mixed with and why? i was given a colour chart but wasn’t explained...
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    Hi all I recently completed microblading course however there were a few things that weren’t explained very well : I use a black microblading pen however if they bleed a lot and I wipe the blood away my markings wipe off - my question is how does everyone combat this problem? Also when i...
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    Threading stuggles

    I find that I can do one brow from behind their head but the other I have to move around so I'm facing them . Take your time. Ps there's a very established Brow bar around the corner who mess up a lot of people's brows and cause skin nicks . Well I've heard mixed reviews but it makes me feel...
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    Eyelash extensions - my first two sets seem terrible!

    Looks good for your first set. Try using less adhesive and perhaps use a faster drying adhesive to prevent stickies. Also if you need any tips I recommend joining Francine widdows group on Facebook . She posts tips and tutorials on there. She had helped take my work to a much higher standard...
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    Lash extension training?

    Lie lash is amazing! She offers so much support and guidance on every aspect of lashing and even an option to join her private forum which provides you with ongoing support . She also provides one to one training
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    How to remove spray tan from wood

    Anybody have any tips on how to remove spray tan off wood?
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    Help-booked a client for Bank Holiday

    Problem is. I booked her in yesterday and as I was closed Sunday and yesterday and I hooked in her 2weeks ago not realising it was a bank holiday. I'm not sure if she turned up but I'm assuming she did . I don't know how to apologise
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    Advice, client wanting to charge her phone

    My employer is so tight. He says.. No, as it costs us in electricity ...
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    Help-booked a client for Bank Holiday

    I have made a boo boo. I accidentally booked somebody in for bank holiday Monday when the salon was closed. I have never done this before. I need to contact the customer to apologise. Abh advice?
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    Tips on speeding up eyelash extension application

    I was supposed to say , how often are u lashing lol x
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    Tips on speeding up eyelash extension application

    Are you aiming for 100% coverage? Struggling to get a good bond? So are you finding the lashes aren't bonding to NL very well? Are you faffing- brushing them too often, going through. Do you do lashes very often? How often are you lacking? Are there any aspects of lashing you struggle with? You...
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    Tips on speeding up eyelash extension application

    That video is frankie widdows. She has loads more videos like this on her private group x
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    Tips on speeding up eyelash extension application

    Are you currently using a glue ring & a hand palette? Contact frankie widdows on Facebook about joining her group . She has invaluable tips on speeding up lash application xx
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    Advice, client wanting to charge her phone

    If you a ran a salon - Sunbed & beauty and a client asked 'you got a plug' so she could charge her phone. What would you say?
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    Threading-soft skin-thread slipping

    Any advice. Some clients , especially those of Asian or Afro Caribbean ethnicity seem to have slippery skin . The thread doesn't hook over them and pull them out. Has anyone got any tips?
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    Which card reader is best?

    IZettle , no contract , £50 for handset. There's an app it goes through on your phone and you get both daily & monthly reports
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    Hiding unsightly wires

    We've got ugly wires everywhere 🙈. Not a trip hazard as they are tucked toward the wall but still unsightly . My dad hasn't bothered covering them all
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    Advice on my dilemma

    I never asked for this. I graduated uni and he asked if I wanted to work for him and I thought ... Yeah why not. My sister did the same and hated it. I on the other hand love it and have put my heart and soul into this business but feel I am fighting a losing battle and think theirs so many...
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    Advice on my dilemma

    Thank you so much ladies. I'm really touched by this heart felt approached. He loves me dearly and is trying to set me up financially for the future. I feel there are too many difference in opinions. I'm sure if made a list that included suggestions, costs, negatives & positives he would listen...