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    Hi, When I airbrush onto a painted nail my stencils keep sticking to the paint and then I have to start all over again... :mad: I do leave the paint to dry but the stencil still sticks to the polish.. Any ideas of how to solve this I bet it is so simple, i'm not a dummy but not been in...
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    Creative training

    Hi, I trained with a private centre on gel and acrylic and also fibreglass. I now want to go onto to doing Creative Acrylic system. Does anybody do the training near me, I am in Wickford Essex :) Michelle
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    Gel Lifting Problem

    Need some advice... I have recently started using white tips and the gel seems to be lifting off, don't have this problem with normal nail tips just the white ones has anybody else had this problem. Please help :mad: Thanks Michelle
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    Removal of extensions

    Need some advice from anybody that can help :x The last few sets that I have had, my clients want there extensions taken off and a new set put on. I am finding it very difficult and time consuming to get them off. I am using star nails sulpting gel and millennium french white tips, takes...
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    Nail Art Problem

    Hi, I had a client today and I am puzzled by what has happened. :? I have painted the extensions then I have super striped them like tiger stripes, with black acrylic paint............ I have then top coated them but the stripes have gone wiggley, I made sure that they was dry first...