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  1. MrsR

    Major life change which isn't good could be ahead

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply x
  2. MrsR

    Comment by 'MrsR' in media 'rock royalty'

  3. MrsR

    Major life change which isn't good could be ahead

    [/I]OK I am going to try to make this as short as possible. I started in nails a few years ago training with CND in L&P and Spa Mani & Pedi. I absolutely love nails and am so passionate about them but struggled with L&P as I am not that artistic but I adore Manis and Pedis and giving...
  4. MrsR

    CND or nsi

    Never used NSI but I have trained in CND and use their products and would not hesitate to recommend them very highly.
  5. MrsR

    Problems with white and pink varnish application

    Thank you Geeg, as always you give the perfect advice.
  6. MrsR

    Let's share beauty tips

    With your finger run a line of baby oil down the front of your lower leg where you can feel the bone - adds a slimming and lengthening effect to your legs as the light catches it - easpecially good if legs are tanned.
  7. MrsR

    Problems with white and pink varnish application

    I am finding that whites and light pinks go on quite cloudy for me - it is as if I need to do 3 coats of colour! I have tried applying more varnish on the brush but then it just seems far too much. I use OPI and CND.
  8. MrsR

    Best foot spa for mobile

    Is it quiet?
  9. MrsR

    Best foot spa for mobile

    Which one have you found is best for mobile. I am using a basic one at the moment and want to upgrade.
  10. MrsR

    Recommended Varnish/Nail polish for new business

    OPI and Creative I have found are great.
  11. MrsR

    Minx or Shellac your best seller?

    Wondering which is your better seller? Thanks
  12. MrsR

    15 minute Manicure

    Takes me 15 mins just to do cuticle work!
  13. MrsR

    My Cat, Lucky

    You might find your cat will actually eat the diet - nimals tend to know what is good and bad to eat for their health. I had a cat who had to stay on a strict renal diet and I mean strict - if he did eat something else he got poorly very quickly and it was life threatening. Dont give up hope...
  14. MrsR

    Who's your insurance with?

    I was ABT but renewing with Salon Gold
  15. MrsR

    Hey sweetie just seen your photos - you opened a salon - congrats x

    Hey sweetie just seen your photos - you opened a salon - congrats x
  16. MrsR

    Builders' nails

    I hve had a builder come to me for a manicure nd his nails and fingers were as you imagine a rough tough builders to be - I have sent him away with Solar Oil but would else would you have recommened as he is a skin-round the nails biter and they are in an awful state!
  17. MrsR

    Kate's Dress

    Loved the dress, not keen on lace personally but I thought she looked very chic. Loved the ceremony and enjoyed the whole day. I thought the sister looked stunning also.
  18. MrsR

    I am back

    Hey sweetie yes back into nails - and wow so much has changed in the industry - so many new things :) I have time now the girls are a little older to reignite my love affair with nails :Love:
  19. MrsR

    I am back

    Yep 2 years - mad isnt it!
  20. MrsR

    I am back

    Hey some of you may know me some might not but I am back after a huge break - my twin girls are just approaching birthday number 2 and I am back doing nails.