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  1. Chinju

    Shop lease advice

    Hello I am wondering if business owners in this forum might be help me. I have found a shop and put in the offer. Which has been accepted. However the landlord is pushing for completion of the lease and apply for the change of use from office ( its currently and office A2) use to a...
  2. Chinju

    Start up questions

    Please may I ask for some advise. I have few questions regarding signing the shop lease 1) did u sign the lease after the planning permission was granted ? 2) is it a good idea for the survey to be carried out before the signing of the lease? 3) any recommendations for a good London based...
  3. Chinju

    New start up business

    Hi all, I am a new start up business owner in the process of opening a nail salon. I would love to hear from some business owners or mobile nail techs regarding where to buy the Gel Led lamps ( popular ones used in the salons) the best cuticle nippers and table lights. I am looking to use...
  4. Chinju

    Recruiting nail tech?

    Hello, Please may I ask whats the best way advertise for experienced nail techs and a trainee? Also any tips on what to look for in a nail tech. Many thanks Xx
  5. Chinju

    Brass or bamboo pedicure bowls

    Hello all - pleasw may i ask if anyone knows a good place to buy pedicure bowls for a salon? I am looking for brass or bamboo ones I am thinkinh of usinh biwls insread of using the plumbed ones? Xxx
  6. Chinju

    Shop builder

    Hello Everyone I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good builder in south London area who specializes in nail shop fitting and general building work inside the shop. Thank you
  7. Chinju


    Hello all, What types of insurances do I need for opening a nail salon? Many thanks
  8. Chinju

    Pedicure bowls and manicure desk lights

    Hello I am new in the nail business.i wanted some help/ ideas for buying pedicure bowls and a good brand for manicure table lights? I am looking for either ceramic or brass effect pedicure bowls. I am still not sure if I should have it plumbed or not. I am open to ideas- kindly share with me...
  9. Chinju

    New nail shop questions

    Hi all, I am looking for some advise from nail salon owners. What's the best way to proceed with opening a nail salon- I have seen a shop that's A1 retail shop and requires a change of use planning permission. Please may I ask if I can put in the offer subject to planning? Or is there another...
  10. Chinju

    Business loan

    Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has applied for govt start up loan or a bank loan to open a salon? Both seems hard to get - are they any other loans that's quicker to apply? Many thanks chinju
  11. Chinju

    Planning for a new nail bar

    Hello I am thinking of opening a nail bar. One of the main hurdle has been finding a premise that doesn't ask for premium lease. Secondly trying to get information on planning permission. Do I need a planning consultant for it? Or can I do it on my own? the local councils are not very helpful...