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    Help! Double drawn quality wefts

    Hi Geeks, Hopefully someone can help me. I have been using my own brand of hair for years but started having trouble with the factory. Anyway a few people had recommended Beauty Works to me so I paid up for a trade account and the quality is ABISMAL for the price they charge. I used the gold...
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    Reduced Beauty Works Celeb Choice

    I want to order some beauty works hair which just so happens to be in the sale. Has anyone ordered sale hair from Beauty Works and if so is it the same quality, double drawn etc?? I'm not interested in saving money if it's a lesser product x
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    Problems with Angel Remy hair

    I never got any where with it but I do believe it could have been caused by sunscreen x
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    Advice on colour extensions

    I would do the row closest to the nape in the darker colour and start to mix it up in the rows above the top rows and sides I'd do more of the lighter shades and play it by eye. Take the hair around the crown which you've sectioned off down before doing the top row and see how the colours fall...
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    Hair extension training - Hertfordshire

    Hi there's an academy that does the hair extensions NVQ unit, they have a date starting in October. It's fully VCTC accredited so much for detailed than the one day courses you get and your insurance is cheaper and more comprehensive with an NVQ. Message me if you want details x
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    Poor woman!

    I saw this on Facebook but what do people expect if you pay £10 for a service that takes 45 mins then the stylist must be getting paid peanuts any stylist worth anything wouldn't work for that. Although I feel for the girl it's the risk you take when you are hunting for the cheapest of the cheap
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    Facial and massage unit

    Thank you lovelies for your replies. Think I'm going to go for it, nothing ventured and all that..... Xxx
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    Facial and massage unit

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I currently do hair extensions full time. I've always had a passion for skincare and take my own skincare very seriously. I've often got taking to my clients about skincare and some have said they'd definitely book in for facials if I offered them. I've...
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    SJK wefts?

    I would use clip ins for your holiday and LA weave when you get back then you can just put them in in the evenings x
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    Urgent Angel Remy colour match

    Hi guys, Can someone help. I've got a client who urgency needs her extensions done tomorrow and I don't have my angel Remy colour ring with me. I've attached a photo in natural daylight. I have an hour before next day delivery cut off can anyone colour match her for me please?
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    Someone is badmouthing me!

    People like this never go far so bear that in mind. So many people wear extensions nowadays there's enough business for everyone she'll soon figure that out. I agree that if I went to any hair or beauty professional and they were slagging off their competition I'd be really put off. As awful...
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    Heartbroken - my salon has been burnt down

    No advice but I'm so so sorry this happened to you. Sending hugs and love, you will get over this and get back on track doing what you love, it will take time but you'll get there x
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    SJK hair for micro rings

    I've had this same problem with the 18 inch luxury the tips are HUGE! I had to get 6mm rings which I could only find on prestige website and the whole head just looked uncomfortable with huge rings and tips, client said it was fine but I wouldn't use them again. I think the longer lengths should...
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    Problems with Angel Remy hair

    The lady at Angel Remy was very professional and usually I don't have any issues with my hair just annoying the suppliers never take responsibility for their mistakes always always blame after care it's frustrating x
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    Problems with Angel Remy hair

    No I'm not comfortable with her speaking to angel Remy either and I think angel Remy know that which is why they are insisting they speak to her before they examine the hair. I don't see what they have to gain from talking to the client and legally they can't actually demand to speak to her as...
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    Problems with Angel Remy hair

    Hi, I ordered some blonde hair from Angel Remy, client had it in for six weeks and its gone very brassy and orange from mid-lenghts to ends. I've contacted Angel Remy who have said that it's down to Moroccan Oil or some sort of serum which is orange in colour staining the hair. The client is...
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    19 year old's home salon

    Looks amazing! Well done xx
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    Easilocks courses

    Anyone know how much the conversion course is? I can't see it on their website, can't get through on the phone and haven't had a response on email xx
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    Pre tipping loose hair

    I need to do this for the first time next week how did you learn to do it? Any good YouTube videos you can point me to? Is it easy enough? Xx
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    Really need your advice - unprofessional training course

    I haven't read the responses sorry as I'm in a rush but was it hair extensions by any chance? Sounds very similar to the company to trained with, we are still in "talks" over a year later! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk