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  1. CatSmith422

    Which gel brand to choose?

    I recently found The Gel Bottle and I love them. I have used CND,OPI, and gelish for years. But the gel bottle is even better than those. It’s haed gel based, so it’s stronger and lasts longer. Tons of beautiful colors and isn’t thicker than normal gel. They do have a “rubber gel topcoat” that I...
  2. CatSmith422

    Need advice on hard gel

    I agree with the previous responses, also make sure you are not too close to the cuticle. Also, some hard girls tend to puddle in areas before cured, which causes stress spots that will lift.
  3. CatSmith422

    Gel extensions lifting after only a few days, help!

    Is it lifting from tip or from cuticle? Sometimes my hard gel will lift at the cuticle if I don’t get the skin around the nail dehydrated enough. If it’s the tip lifting, it may be the glue you are using or the tip itself. I have gotten tips before that will not work with certain products at...
  4. CatSmith422

    How much to charge Polygel, extensions?

    I charge all new sets the same. My acrylic new sets are $50 (that’s pretty typical where I am) and charge $5-$7 extra for using gel over it depending on how many colors are needed. That way the price is the same across the board and you can explain each product is different, and the client can...
  5. CatSmith422

    Best dip systems?

    Who has a favorite dip system? I’ve tried OPI and kiara sky, they’re both ok but not fantastic. I was just wondering if anyone had a favorite system. I’m more interested in the actual liquid lines, not as much powders. All the powders seem to work well, but I don’t mind hearing opinions for all...
  6. CatSmith422

    Dip nail top coat problems

    I have tried so many top coats on dip nails. I can’t ever get one to work right. I tried the top coats that come with the dip systems and none of them are very shiny. I have used tons of gel top coats and they all peel off. Does anyone else have these problems or have any recommendations...
  7. CatSmith422

    NSI Polydip colours quite translucent?

    No, I would say just use a different powder. Opi, and kiara sky are very pigmented. It only takes two coats of color powder, and one clear coat of powder to seal it in. I never do more than 5 coats total if necessary, the dip nails just become too bulky and tend to break easier if you use too...
  8. CatSmith422

    Help how to get past being a beginner in acrylic!

    No matter what, a nasty or undesirable work environment will never be a good long term job. Watch videos on YouTube, Naio nails is my favorite. And just take in as much info as you can. Practice on your friends, and family. But don’t think you have to do things their way. There are so many ways...
  9. CatSmith422

    NSI Polydip colours quite translucent?

    How many coats of colored powder are you using? And are you using a base powder coat?
  10. CatSmith422

    IBD gel nail extensions?

    Are you talking about the hard gel as a sculpt nail, or just over a tip?
  11. CatSmith422

    Newly trained tech, problems with Shellac

    Yes, I agree with this. I usually get the entire area around the Nail bed cleansed with acetone to dry it out so there is no oily residue left from their nature oils. Any oil or lotion left on the skin around the Nail bed, tends to get into the gel some, and it lifts it off the Nail bed. So...
  12. CatSmith422

    Nail infill when nails going up

    I get exactly what you are saying, and this also bothers me a lot. When I come to this, I tend to cut the nails back shorter, and place a nail form at a slight down angle to help change the direction of the product flow. That usually does the trick to even out how much the turn up. Good luck!
  13. CatSmith422

    Does age get in the way

    I myself am 30, but the nail tech I work right beside is 60. She, like you, got out of the business years ago, and started back about 8 years ago. She’s really doing great. Just please remember that if someone younger tries to help you a little, it’s not condescending it’s just a suggestion. My...
  14. CatSmith422

    Tammy Taylor gel polish?

    I have been doing gel polish for years and really want to add some color range to all of what I have. I see Tammy Taylor’s videos and colors and love them. Does anyone use them on natural nails? Do they stay as well as shellac and opi??
  15. CatSmith422

    Acrylic application

    I have always used Premium Nail brand products, and love them. But I also think you should watch Naio nails, Kirsty is a rock star and she will teach you so much. I’ve been in the business for 12 years and she has still taught me so much. Their nail products are also top of the line! Good luck...