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  1. aggiesbeauty

    Spray tanning small space

    Hi! I have a small salon. Few square meters. Everything fits now but I wanted to add spray tanning to my services and I was just wondering if it’s possible to have it in such a small space? The massage bed is taking almost all of the space but if I don’t use it and have clients for tanning I...
  2. aggiesbeauty

    Crystal or Diamond microdermabrasion?

    I ordered mine in Europe. And to be honest if you finished beauty school you don’t need to have the training because you already learned about it in school. That’s what I did. I purchased the machine and they explained it to me how it works and that was it. But I already knew what I was doing...
  3. aggiesbeauty

    Eyelash extensions practice, can’t stop them sticking to the tape!

    I put the tape on the eye lid and push it upwards so that the lashes will go up too. Helps a lot.
  4. aggiesbeauty

    Crystal or Diamond microdermabrasion?

    I’ve always used diamond microdermabrasion and I’m in love. For over 10 now and I’m not changing. Tried the crystal one but I didn’t like the fact that you have to put the crystals in and then you have to clean the crystals from the face. Diamond is much more handy and I got better results.
  5. aggiesbeauty

    Best lash lift company, training and express lashes

    What do you think about Elleebana?
  6. aggiesbeauty

    Express lashes

    When I did my training for lash extensions they told us that you use the same lashes you would use for lash extensions. The only difference is the glue that you don’t use the strongest one.