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    Lash lift

    Hi all. Getting mixed results with lash lift. Ive been Salon Services trained, & use their products. Yesterday I had a lady that uses lash curlers daily. She wasn’t happy with the result. I wasn’t either, to be honest. But the treatment went well from a technical point of view. I’m wondering...
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    Best place to train for brows?

    Hi all. Please can you help? I’m a newbie looking to start on brows. Would really appreciate guidance. So much choice. Thank you.
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    Moroccan Tan

    Hiya, Completed training & fairly new to the process. Just wondered if anyone could help with a few questions please? Instructions say I should use about 50mls per tan. I'm using double that? Also the hours to leave the tan on are so vague. 10% says 2-8 hours?!?! 15% says 1-6 hours. 11% 4-8...