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    Kim Lawless training

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    Million dollar facial

    Oh thanks for info
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    Best wax training & wax products to use (vegan)

    No missed it... I need to wait till she is doing it in the autumn
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    Massage course

    Can anyone recommend a good aromatherapy massage course please? I already do Swedish massage and want to learn more massage. I’m West Midlands/ Birmingham
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    Brow wax help!

    I would definitely get in touch and say, you thought it looked a bit red, how is it? She will definitely appreciate it and you will only be worrying if you don’t. These things happen,it’s usually a warning to slow down and be more in the moment, unless she has changed medication or using AHAs...
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    Recommend mobile nail and beauty case

    Where did you get it from?
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    Recommend mobile nail and beauty case

    Could you recommend a good one, would like it big enough to get most things in for mobile I do nails and Beauty TIA
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    Million dollar facial

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    Million dollar facial

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on this facial? Is it as good as the advertising makes out? Anyone offer it in their salon?
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    Streaky tan

    what did she wear after the spray? Looks like it’s rubbed off? Or shaved?
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    Best wax training & wax products to use (vegan)

    Yes thank you! I’m tempted by Kim L but thinks it’s a bit cheaper to train with outbacks but I really want good training... so hard one
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    Courses advice please

    Hi I’m still easing myself back into the beauty world after a 7 year break. Iv always followed what I enjoy for work but I also need to make money. I have a bit of savings left so need to choose the next course wisely as I have made a few mistakes with regards to the last courses. I love...
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    Best wax training & wax products to use (vegan)

    I’m looking for the best female intimate waxing course. Initially I thought Kim lawless but I know her wax isn’t vegan , not that I have to use the same wax... just thought I’d get a feel for good courses as it’s something I’d like to do eventually
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    Cutting down waste?

    I feel the same! I wanted to love your post... it warms my heart to hear others care. I was on a course the other day and the actual trainer was advocating plastic eyelash containers to mix up the tint instead of the glass ones!!! It made me so sad.
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    Where do you start?

    Do you find it intimidating facing forwards first? I ask because I was taught this way but on my refresher course she said start with them facing the back as it’s uncomfortable for your client.
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    Where do you start?

    When spray tanning, do you start with the client facing you or do you get them to face away?
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    Beauty room to rent, Kidderminster

    Was this room ever rented?!
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    Lash and brow courses

    How much was it?
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    Cutting down waste?

    There is a lot of things that bother me with the beauty industry! My wax has disposable heads for instance, I need to sort that out. Also throwing away files every client! So hard
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    Sterilising and sanitising question

    Can i ask what you do to keep your clients safe Eyelash/brow brushes do you wash first in soapy water then sterilise? if so what do you use? iv been throwing away my eyelash brushes but am thinking it ain't environmentally friendly! would love