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  1. Beautyluxexox

    Micro teaching session

    Hi everyone im. currently doing my level 3 award in education and training course. I need to do my micro teach session but have no idea where to start. Im going to do it to a group of level 2 hair students. Has anyone done this before I don't know what to do!! haha
  2. Beautyluxexox

    Colour lifting

    Yes I did say for her to redo it again. Just wanted to double check thank you [emoji8]
  3. Beautyluxexox

    Colour lifting

    So my sister in law is wanting to go lighter!! She has been box dying her hair black for years... so she used colour b4 to remove some of the build up & has worked quite well. She’s about a level 4 with some level 2 left. She wants to get to about level 5 would you pre lighten of use 12% with...
  4. Beautyluxexox

    Best highlift blonde?

    I’d defo use Wella special blonde they are lovely!
  5. Beautyluxexox

    Course accreditation

    Hi, I know it’s been a while since op posted but I’m currently starting my manuals & have no idea where to start! What have you included in your manuals? Xx
  6. Beautyluxexox

    Manuals, where to begin?

    Hi all I’m currently about to start my PTLLS course & wanting to make a start on my training manuals so it’s me less worry at the time. What do you include? I have no idea where to start! [emoji23] I’ll be doing spray tanning hair extensions, eyelashes. Any help would be amazing!
  7. Beautyluxexox

    Training manuals?

    Me too. Just attempting to make my manuals. Have no idea where to start myself xx
  8. Beautyluxexox

    Hair cutting help!

    So guys, I’m abit curious! When doing a U shape cut how would it work with hair extensions? A la weave for example as the tracks are going across when you take diagonal back sections to cut the u shape cut? Any help would be fab! [emoji4]
  9. Beautyluxexox

    30 inch hair extensions

    Can I have some information sent too please [emoji4]
  10. Beautyluxexox

    Bridesmaid hair help

    I’d fill in her hairline & add a curly hair piece in a messy bun updo? Xx
  11. Beautyluxexox

    Angel Remy or Euphoria one?

    I love Euphoria one I use the Brazilian& it’s fab! Angel the customer service I think has gone shocking I never get a reply & longer shades are for vip salons only they don’t like to tell you how to become vip or anything it’s a shame really I loved the hair. Also stock wasn’t the best before...
  12. Beautyluxexox

    La weave help!

    Yes I always do extra on the ends to make sure it’s well secure! I think I’m gonna have to “grow some balls” & tell her to do 1 in the nicest possible way [emoji23]‍♀️ it’s really been getting me down even though she’s the only 1 to have an issue in almost 3 years I’ve even told her this! Last...
  13. Beautyluxexox

    La weave help!

    So I’ve been qualified in la weaves for almost 3 years. All my girls get 6-8 weeks with their weave with no problems the odd few times needing a fix on a row but no problems! Soooo I have this 1 lady that since I fitted her extensions has done nothing but coursed me issues. Constantly saying...
  14. Beautyluxexox

    Level 3 hairdressing training

    Hi I’m due to complete my level 2 hairdressing in a few weeks but I’m looking to do a fast track course private this time. Anyone know of any local to Birmingham? Many Thanks
  15. Beautyluxexox

    Curly blow dry/ bouncy blow dries

    Thank you so much! [emoji8] Ooo I have some of that in the coconut I only ever use it on myself! I think it’s social media makes us worse keep seeing these amazing curls from a blow dry ‍♀️ What brushes do you use? Xx
  16. Beautyluxexox

    Curly blow dry/ bouncy blow dries

    Thank you! I’m my own worse enemy. Forever doubting what I’ve done. I left like 2 I’m at a time but was scared of them being stuck. She wasn’t keeping still so didn’t wanna risk them getting caught. I did pin them as I took them out. I felt kinda rushed too as it was last min with her going out...
  17. Beautyluxexox

    Curly blow dry/ bouncy blow dries

    Hi guys. Im after some tips on my curly blow dries. Here’s 1 from today. She had a full head of extensions in any tips to get a even better curl like you see on Instagram. I’ve seen some incredible curls on some & after some tips! She loved it but I’m my worse enemy & want even better haha...
  18. Beautyluxexox

    Which hair extensions?

    Sway hair extensions are fab for Indian remy. Really nice quality. All my clients are loving it x
  19. Beautyluxexox

    Which hair extensions?

    Hi, could you message me with information on your hair. I’ve seen a lot about it but haven’t got round to trying it out. Many thanks x
  20. Beautyluxexox

    Level 2 hairdressing

    Thank you!! No I definitely never let anyone borrow my kit. I didn’t on my level one course haha. Was the 1st thing our tutor said & I didn’t let anyone! I’ll have a good look online for some now. Thanks a lot xx