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    HMRC guidelines for determining self employment

    I understand you can not state the self employed therapists hours but if you have an agreement that they only want to work part time, so between you you have agreed days, then is that different? They can come and go as they please on those days of course but they have agreed they only want to...
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    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    Hello, I have a salon in Norfolk. It is currently only me working there but I am thinking of getting someone in, part time, on a self employed basis. I have a few things that I am unsure of regarding how this would work. I understand that they are not employed by me and therefore are not...
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    Renting a space

    Hi So I am quite new to this industry and especially new to owning and running my own business. I currently have a little salon where I offer massages, facials and nails. I have two young children so at the moment I work on an appointment only basis. I have had lots of people ask about...