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  1. MaxItUpHair

    Elleebana, what’s best to buy to start up?

    Hi I am newly qualified in lash lifting with Salon Systems. I really want to use Elleebana though, as it seems to be the best system by far. Can anyone advise which is the best startup pack to purchase, and does it include everything I'd need? Or would I need to buy extra's too? Thanks in...
  2. MaxItUpHair

    Where to buy eyelash extensions in 'Curl L+'

    Hi I'm struggling to find a supplier who sells the L+ Curl. Does anyone know who stocks this particular curl please? Thanks in advance x
  3. MaxItUpHair

    Eyelash extensions practice, can’t stop them sticking to the tape!

    Hi Advice much needed please! I've trained in eyelash extensions, not the best course at all, so I've invested more money and I'm taking another with a different company. I just can't and won't see myself as qualified until I've taken better training. In the meantime, I'm using a mannequin...
  4. MaxItUpHair

    Budget/mid range supplier needed!

    Hi Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times, I'm in a huge rush and am hoping for some advice. I use Euphoria One for their Brazilian and Russian high end range hair, and so far, it has all been brilliant. I used to use SJK for mid range but I don't use them any more for reasons I won't...
  5. MaxItUpHair

    Anyone else having problems with SJK Hair Extensions Ltd?

    Hi Appalling 'customer service' from SJK Hair Extensions!.... I bought some special order 'Body Wave' hair extensions from this supplier. They arrived a month later, and I installed them via the Celebrity Weave method. At installation, and for the next day, according to my client, they...
  6. MaxItUpHair

    Need a new supplier who provides body wave hair, please!

    Hi! I hope I'm posting in the right place, and sincerely apologise if I haven't. I'm new here, although I did come often to look for advice. However, and long overdue!, I decided to join as I really need advice urgently. I'm a hair extension technician, and my business has been up and...