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    Kim Lawless training

    I’ve just received an invite from the Elite wax group for the intimate course. It shows the moulds. Does this means the whole area is done in one? [emoji51]
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    How to become qualified as a beauty lecturer?

    Yes. DET or CET. I stopped st CET as no lecturer posts were coming forward so did more than I needed to be a Trainer but just a few modules left to complete to DET level if a lecturers post did crop up.
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    Training, Kim Lawless or Waxu?

    I wasn’t a beginner. I had over 15 years experience but had a break for a long time so for me it was mostly a refresher but I hadn’t worked with hot wax in a long time and the waxes have improved tremendously over the years. I do a lot of intimate waxing and I have to say I’ve found the...
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    Training, Kim Lawless or Waxu?

    I much prefer Kim’s wax to Perron Rigot. That said, I haven’t used all the different Perron Rigot waxes. There’s too many to try them all out properly. I don’t like cream waxes. I just don’t get on with them so that’s perhaps why. I find they snap and drag against the hair/skin but others like...
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    Do you have a main job too? (Home based or mobile question)

    I’m working full time from home. If it continues to do as well as it is then I’m hoping not to need another job on top. I just started up at home 5 months ago and month on month it’s got busier and busier.
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    Steiner training

    What a weird message to get. No explanation or further info on what happens next? Maybe you need to reply and ask. It’s all fine so different now from when I used to work for them. We didn’t have mobiles back then infact I’m not even sure we had the internet!
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    Air conditioning or Dyson fan in log cabin!

    Do you run it with a window open? I was tempted to get one but concerned about the humidity increase as I can’t open a window and do have absolutely no airflow during treatments.
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    Forgot to charge client

    Hi. It’s not as complicated as that. I have all treatments written down/takings etc. I just don’t make note of what I’ve had to take in cash out of my tin. That’s all. This is why I’m not 100% sure she didn’t pay. The client has been today and after me thinking she only ever paid by card, did...
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    Forgot to charge client

    Thanks. I’ve undercharged 2 other people who upgraded their treatment on arrival and forgot to calculate the difference. But I realised quickly and knew I’d done it so contacted them immediately and they just paid it into my account. Due to the uncertainty and how long I’ve left it I may have to...
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    Where do you put your change?

    Cash box.
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    Air conditioning or Dyson fan in log cabin!

    I did a lot of research into the different options recently for my room as I can’t have the window open due to privacy. My room gets boiling and it does affect the wax. I use a regular tower fan on top of unit and have it blowing towards my couch. It helps. I also open the door and window...
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    Forgot to charge client

    Hello! I’m feeling a bit annoyed with myself right now as I’m 99% sure that I forgot to charge a client after her treatment. I usually leave the room to allow the client to get dressed then come back in to take payment etc but I’m 99% sure I forgot to charge her as we’d been chatting and as she...
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    Steiner training

    Hi. I worked in board cruise ships for Steiner many many years ago and I loved it! Seriously loved it. I did mostly massage all day long with a few slimming treatments too. We were paid £35 a week but everything was paid for. Accommodation, food, etc. I made some friends for life. We had our...
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    Positions for intimate waxing

    Hello! I usually get clients to pull both knees up towards their chest, sometimes with a lumbar support to get to the difficult to reach rear end in intimate wax. Occasionally I’ll get them to lie on their sides with the top leg in front of the other. What do other intimate waxers do? Do you...
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    Full leg wax time?

    It would take me forever using pot and spatula for full leg. I find that only being able to dip the spatula once each stroke makes it impossible to do it fast.
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    Best wax for eyebrows?

    I find hot wax less effective on eyebrows. Leaves hair in place, even fine hair. I find the threads sometimes difficult to avoid taking over to the face and get on Hair and eyelashes. I’ve probably just not found the best one for face. I don’t know. I tried Perron Rigot Rose and my client (a...
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    Intimate 4 temperature

    Hi folks! I’ve decided that rather than waste wax, that I’d try out the Intimate 4 again and give it another chance. I used it on myself last night with oil underneath and got in much better with it, although it still had a tendency to snap in areas. I set it at 64 on a hive heater as...
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    Further waxing training

    My experience of facial waxing so far is that hot wax doesn’t remove the finer hair as well as strip wax. Strip wax has more stung but then it would as it does get the hairs out. I also find hot wax cools quickly in the stick as firms strings which are annoying. It may be that the hot wax in...
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    Card payment terminals

    SumUp. [emoji106]
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    Full manicure with gel polish

    Ok great. So your pedicure is similar to mine and you take about 11/2hrs with the gel polish. I think I’m spending too long with the pumice and scrubs but I do like to spend time doing that. I don’t think I could fit gel polish in that time as well. I think I’ll create a mini mani/pedi too and...