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  1. Little Angel

    Hair dye wholesale

    Hi everyone I have been looking at different suppliers, I usually buy direct. I came across this website hairdyewholesale and from the prices it would work out considerably cheaper than ordering direct. My only concern is are the products sold genuine stock? I am looking at wella and Loreal...
  2. Little Angel

    Glitter like Sizzling Sand?

    Hi there fellow glitter addicts I just love the cnd sizzling sand, I just wish they sold it separately!! :irked: Does anyone has a good alternative?? Our clients just love that subtle sparkly and it looks fab over most colours :) Any recommendations would be fab x
  3. Little Angel

    Has anyone had Leader Pininfarina scissors?

    Hi I looking for some new scissors, I usually have joewell but mine slid off the side on saturday and they have a small chip so will have to go be fixed. I saw the Leader Pininfarina on sale not really heard of them before, so does anyone have any guidance?? Really appreciate anyone...
  4. Little Angel

    Looking for a new spray tan

    Hello I just went to re-order our spray tan only to find it has had a rather large increase of £12.50!! So I am now back to the drawing board and looking for some recommendations for a new spray tan. We currently have St Tropez as our high end tan. I am looking for something that's darker...
  5. Little Angel

    Dermalogica see's the light, finally!

    Hi everyone For those of you who are dermalogica salons, did you get your updated prices today with the new terms and conditions? Well dermalogica have been losing salons all over the uk for the past couple of years, mainly due to the internet selling of the products, and the ridiculous...
  6. Little Angel

    Filling your diary for January & February

    Hi I have a hair and beauty salon. Right now in the salon we are promoting our offers for January and February as these are our slowest months. This is what we are doing: All clients who have a colour or highlight including a Cut and finish from the end of November to December 31st receive a...
  7. Little Angel

    Converting st tropez booth

    Hi Has anyone had their st tropez tanning booth (I am talking about the air verso which is a manual booth, not the automatic type) converted to accommodate a hand held sprayer? Just to clarify what I mean, my machine at the moment you pour the tan into. I have had someone send me a leaflet...
  8. Little Angel

    New facial range- environ or priori?

    Hi there Well after 18 loyal years as a dermalogica salon I have decided to change. This is for numerous reasons ie internet killing retail sales and constant increase in prices. Back to topic I am looking for a new brand and Environ and priori both seem professional and come highly...
  9. Little Angel

    Small gelbond ... No longer sold! Recommendations for different brand in small size?

    Hi Really not happy as it appears we can no longer buy gel bond in the small tubes! I have a full tube with the top welded onto it in the 9 g size which is why I prefer the small tubes! My technician always wipes if etc but hey ho Can anyone recommend a replacement brand pls? Oh and...
  10. Little Angel

    Hive hand held roller heater feedback ??

    Hi We need a new roller wax system in the salon, our depilieve one is not behaving itself! I was looking at getting this one Hand-Held Roller Depilatory Heater at Hive of Beauty LTD Its a little more compact as we need to fit a double pot heater on the trolley plus the roller wax...
  11. Little Angel

    Dashing Diva kit

    Hi Could anyone who knows pm me the price of the dashing diva mani kit. I can't get logged into sweet squared yet again!! Very frustrating!! I would much appreciate it.
  12. Little Angel

    Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus

    Hi Could anyone who knows pm me the price of the dashing diva mani kit. I can't get logged into sweet squared yet again!! Very frustrating!! I would much appreciate it.
  13. Little Angel

    Salon System Lash lift

    Hi Has anyone used the salon system lash lift system yet? Is it like the LVL lash lift? I was looking at it for the salon, as I personally think it will be a popular service. What do you guys think? I would go for LVL but the training (which I don't need) is very very expensive.
  14. Little Angel

    Artdeco makeup - impressed so far!

    Hi I am currently researching a makeup brand for my salon and have filled in contact forms etc on line, and I have been very promptly contacted by art deco. WELL.... I am very impressed (that takes a lot!) the girl was knowledgeable, polite, nice and they sound a really fab company...
  15. Little Angel

    Which polish brand?

    Hi I am looking for a new polish brand, any recomendations?? At the moment i am looking at: ESSIE ORLY JESSICA I already have creative, any feedback on the above, ie colours, application, how they last? Do they go THICK? Many thanks for any replies xxxx
  16. Little Angel

    What really annoys you when you visit a salon?

    Hi This thread kind of runs on from another one but i felt it deserved its own. So the question is What really annoys you when you visit a salon? One of the comments made on the other thread was being called someones '3 o'clock'.............. What's yours?
  17. Little Angel

    Money off Voucher for Hair Salons

    Hi Just thought i would give you all a heads up on this. From 1 - 31st May 2008 if you go here :Look_righ Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity gossip, Entertainment, Handbag TV :: :Look_left You can download a voucher for £15 off a Wella color with Cut and finish at participating...
  18. Little Angel

    All mobile/home salons do you have insurance?

    Hi I am just curious as to whether any of you who do hair, nails, beauty, massage etc, mobile, home salon, rent a room etc have insurance? And also do you have your msds, cossh, heath and safety and risk assesments?
  19. Little Angel

    New St Tropez booth?

    Hi My tan machine needs updating, I have been looking at the new St Tropez (St.Tropez Prestige plus) the ultimate collapsible spray tan and extraction booth. I don't really need it to collapse but it would be handy if its big. It has the HVPL system and extraction built in. In the last 3...
  20. Little Angel

    Biosculpture Competition

    Hi Is anyone entering the Biosculpture competition?? It has 3 category's: nno with one hand French one hand red Tip & Overlay one hand French one red Sculpts one hand French one red There are regional heats then if you get through to the final you compete at head office...