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  1. TechJaylee

    "Who's Your Bitch-Buddy?"

    A friend who owns a salon sent this to me, and I just thought it was the greatest idea!! I sure as heck get bitchy!! And being in this industry you tend to listen to your clients problems and do nothing but be supportive and keep a smile on your face.. And its not always easy!! I think...
  2. TechJaylee

    Glue Top Coat?

  3. TechJaylee

    Glue Top Coat?

    I just recently heard from a client, that her last nail tech used some sort of glue top coat, yeah glue.. I don't know what it is.. It looks great and is nice and shiney and prevents yellowing.. I never have problems with yellowing unless there are in a lot of chemicles, even then I don't have a...
  4. TechJaylee

    How your laws work..

    Hello everyone!! I am so curious as to how laws work elsewhere. I think Montana has very good, and very strict laws. There are so many people from the UK here, not as many from the US.. I'm curious as to the differences between states and countries.. These are some of Montana Laws. In...
  5. TechJaylee

    Difference Between Nail Envy & Toughen Up

    I have heard bad things about some nail strengtheners in which you have to re-apply daily and so on, and have steared clear of that, because it can leave the nails in a worse condition after use.. I use CND Toughen Up.. I have never used OPI Nail Envy, but heard you have to re-apply it.. So...
  6. TechJaylee

    Educating the PUBLIC.. Got carried away..

    I was looking at this website and saw all these testimonials about how great this product is, so I wanted to check it out and see what ingredients they actually use.. So I went to see about getting a sample.. Then they had a little area, how its great for nails salons to retail as it will help...
  7. TechJaylee

    Oily Nail Plate or NOT?

    I always read that oily nail plates do not cause lifting.. I do believe its true to a extent, but I have an issue.. I have a client who had her set on for 4 months no breaks, then all of the sudden they start poping off, with no pain at all. They actually cracked at the point of my last fill...
  8. TechJaylee

    Intense Pink & Soft White

    I would concider my liquid to powder mix ratio pretty good, but I am having some serious issues with CND Intense Pink & Soft White. They both seem to have this way of leaving lines when it dries. Like some of the pigment doesn't blend in and it leaves a line, it looks horrible.. I use intense...
  9. TechJaylee

    Knowledgable Consumers!!!YAY

    I just had a gal call for a full set. She asked me what my procedure is before applying the product, do I use a file or tools. I said, no I don't file your nails, the only time I used an abrasive is to remove shine from the nail plate. She is from North Dakota, I told her how excited I was to...
  10. TechJaylee


    I have to admit something, I was doing a little research online and came across a website for a salon in Georgia. They offered "Porcelain Nails, Acrylic Nails, Crystal Nails, Solar Nails, and a few more things. Sounds a little funny huh!! I called them, and yes they where Asian. (Sorry) I asked...
  11. TechJaylee

    Neck & Back Problems

    I haven't done nails for three years, and I'm starting again on the 15th. I'm so beyond excited, I have missed it more than I thought I would. I have been active in other ways though. I quit due to my physical problems, I'm sure most technicians have it. Neck and back! I have read some posts...
  12. TechJaylee


    Calling all Geeks, I need to find fire damage & malpractice liability insurance as a booth renter. I was wondering if there is a good inexpensive place to go through. I have been searching online, as well as locally. Anyone have an insurance company they like really well? Thanks!
  13. TechJaylee

    IBD Intense Seal

    Hello! I'm getting back into nails again and I'm trying a new product IBD Intense Seal. I am normally Creative L&P all the way, but trying to get into gels for its very rare in my home town. I us Light Elegance UV Gel System, and I used IBD Intense seal over top for its thin, shiny finish. But...