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    Any clued up business women out there?

    Hi Why dont you set up a salon from scratch instead of buying the one you are thinking off 1. If this salon has the blue rinse cliental and you want it to be a young funky salon - this will be a waste 2. The decor sound if it will need changing 3. You have said that you already want...
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    Your opinions on Jica Lash

    Jica Lash is an excellent product, it is one of the most easiest products to retail. The product gives you the longest lashes ever. To get hold of this product now is extremely hard as it is Jicas own product and supply wholesalers all around the UK including beauty express. If its not...
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    The Tangle Teezer

    Update on the sales for Tangle Teezers 40 sold in 3 weeks, I wish I went in hairdressing instead of beauty at times.
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    The Tangle Teezer

    I just checked sallys are not stocking them. Salon Focus is the only salon supplier.
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    Hi I did Thai Massage, but I was the only western in the class. I speak fluent Thai too, but...

    Hi I did Thai Massage, but I was the only western in the class. I speak fluent Thai too, but they can speak English. (sort of)
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    The Tangle Teezer

    ***Update ***Update***Update*** My friends salon got 10 from Salon Focus and within 2 days all gone except the one she is using in the salon, they are a real profit earner. The link is below they are based in Manchester. If anyone needs details please PM me.
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    NEW hair & beauty wholesalers

    Visit colleges for students, look on for lists of hairdressers and beauty therapists and send them a mail shott or call them and send them an email of opening offers.
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    The Tangle Teezer

    I love Dragons DEN And hubby too, the only problem is that after its gone off hubby thinks he is going to invent the next big thing. An adaption of something pathetic
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    The Tangle Teezer

    IMO _This is my best purchase this year. I have long hair and always gets tangles, I am also head sore sometimes but this just glides through. I have been sat here brushing my hair watching the TV (I am so sad), the feeling on the scalp is similar top angle fingers it is so relaxing. The...
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    The Tangle Teezer

    Congratulations with the baby
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    The Tangle Teezer

    Yes, thats the one Its been on Dragons den updated too, the one that got away and I forgot which one said they wish they had invested. I bought one today from a mates salon, OMG I love it.
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    The Tangle Teezer

    Has anyone heard of the Tangle Teezer, its a fantastic brush that removes tangles on wet or dry hair without splitting ends or damaging the hair. It also can be used on hair extensions to brush the hair as it does not damage the bonds
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    Anyone do Thai hot compress massage?

    I THINK WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO AGREE TO DISAGREE ON THIS MATTER, I DO NOT WANT TO GET INTO A FULL BLOWN ARGUMENT ON THIS FORUM AS THIS IS NOT MY STYLE. I teach and practice this treatment the traditional thai way, One thing I am passionate about is my 2nd home and my family, I spend as...
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    Tigi - bed head make up

    I have used worked with Tigi make up, IMO its for 16 -25 years great for catwalk. Not the best quality and does not stay on that long but on the other hand has a good variety of colours that you would not get in the standard collections like g d c, sotisy ect. Retailing at mid market so good...
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    Anyone do Thai hot compress massage?

    The compresses are best given to the client, put them in the micro for 15-30 sec as long as they are still damp. If they have a sore neck its good to keep placed there, the heat and the essential oils help. Period pain, it acts like a hot water bottle and the oil is good for cramps. After...
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    Anyone do Thai hot compress massage?

    Why would yo be putting thai oil on the body, the essential oil that comes out of the hot compress has enough oil, neutral massage oil is enough to use when you do manual work without the compress. With the mark up I ment, your retail compresses. As for me not being well informed, I did my...
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    Where can I buy China Glaze?

    Try united beauty, they are the new distributers in the uk
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    Anyone do Thai hot compress massage?

    I do both and they are total different treatments. I would say have both treatments yourself to see what you like. Thai herbal compress you do not massage in the normal way as like effluearge ect, the cotton compress would rub the skin, I would say rolling, pressing The whole thing about...
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    Am I too old??

    OMG no you are never to old to train in something you are passionate about. I have being doing beauty and hair all my life, I love it but when I was young wanted to be a designer, well here goes I am doing a degree in fashion and design. Think Ugly Betty !!!!