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    Hair colour help please

    Man client with natural base of 3 (or 4 i will post a picture of his hair) wants to dye whole hair with 4 and ends with 5. Which numbers shall I choose to avoid red and orange tones? Last time he dyed hair with number 4 and after some washes he got red/orange tones. Shall I choose 4.1 and 5.1...
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    Hair color

    Hi everyone. Got a client who uses highlift to get platinum hair on natural level 5. Last 2 times she used a highlift (12) that was bleach free on roots and she got that color on the pic below. I want to lift it more to match with the rest of her hair. Can I use a professional highlift on...
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    Bleach bath

    Recently I learned about bleach bath. It suppose to lift about 1 or 2 levels without making too much harm. After bleaching the whole head to level 10, i used bleaching powder and 20 vol dev. to lift the roots. All I got was level 9. Then after toned, the roots was slightly yellowish. They need...
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    Pure white?

    Hi everyone. Hair bleached to lvl 10 and then toned with 10.16 KP. Its the color I exactly wanted, platinum white but a bit silverish. Want to get clear white hair atm. Any ideas? The picture below looks perfect.
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    Hair loss

    Hi. Recently, a master hairdresser told me about castor oil and bay oil. She use it on her husband (who suffers from alopecia) and in about a year of use he got full of new hair. His hair became thicker, etc. So she told me to mix castor and daphne oil together and after warm it, massage it on...
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    Flat hair

    Hi everyone. I recently changed my shampoo from a drug store to Kerastase Homme (i have hair thinning). I have thin hair, lacking density. I wash them 3 times a week as they get easily flat (especially on summer days). But recently the day after I wash them my hair get already flat so I have to...
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    Toner use

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a toner from a local shop. But I have to ask how to use it correctly. After lifting my hair to clean 10 with bleach powder I wash them with silver shampoo and then place the toner (toner + 20 vol dev) or I use the toner after wash out the bleach? And do I use...
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    Free educational websites

    As an apprentice hairdresser I am looking for some websites about education on haircuts/color etc that are free. Any suggestions? So far I only found only
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    Hair maintenance

    Recently, I bleached my hair from natural level (5) to platinum blonde. I have very oily scalp but after bleaching my hair became totally dry. After 2 weeks my scalp returned to normal (it's oily again) but my hair is still dry. I use Kerastase shampoo (the black one for men) and once a week I...
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    Best professional shampoo?

    Hi everybody. Everything starts with a good shampoo. And I wanna switch to a professional salon line. Any suggestions? I'm between: Kerastase Bumble and Bumble Nioxin I have fine hair and lack of texture (due to alopecia) Looking forward for some professional suggestions. Thanks.
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    Shampoo type recommendations?

    Hi everybody. I am new here. I am a future hairdresser and I want to ask you a question about my type of hair. Well I used to wash my hair everyday because the 2nd day they seemed so flat. Now after all I wash them 2 times per week. I have to mention that I lose hair the last 2 years due to...