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  1. Gracew_beautyx

    Beauty therapist wanting to work in the USA

    Thanks for the advice guys
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    Mobile therapist or home salon?

    I usually put a chair at the end/side of their bed and ask them to lay on their bed, if there’s not enough space to that I’ll have them rest their head on a pillow on my lap x
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    Eve Taylor

    I love Eve Taylor products but (apart from a brand I don’t remember at a salon I used to work) they’re the only ones I’ve used since their what I trained with and I’d like to compare them to more, but yeah I do really like them! X
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    The Gel Bottle

    Unreal products defo worth a try x
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    Looking for lash glue opinions

    My fave all time glue is the Crystal one by eyelash excellence, the retention is a unreal best one I’ve used yet and I’ve used a lot x
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    Treatment price lists and leaflets etc

    The website Desygner is where I do all of mine and they’re free and look so professional, I love it x
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    Eyelash extension recommendations

    Frankie windows eyelash excellence courses, however they’re also very pricey x
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    Want to offer a nail service to my customers, need advice

    1) Standard services to offer could be: Basic Manicure (Regular Polish/gel polish) Deluxe manicure, with soaks/scrubs etc. (regular/gel polish) Nail Extensions (hard gel/acrylic) And If you wanted to add pedicures in there you could do that too, again with regular/gel polish, basic/deluxe etc...
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    “Nail Career Education” is my no.1 nail channel, also “Naio Nails” I love watching. Both channels cover a bit more of advanced level than what they teach in level 2 but I’m sure they have basic videos as well, it’s good to watch them stop get an insight for a potential career path after level 2...
  10. Gracew_beautyx

    Any insight to bad nail job-twice!

    How annoying, If I had to guess I’d just say two unfortunate jobs and you were just unlucky! The lasting time of the nails usually comes down to how they were prepped (if you’re not doing anything yourself to effect it which by the sounds of things, you weren’t) hopefully next time you’ll get a...
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    The Manicure Company

    I agree that they’re quite sheer and need a good few coats:/ however some colours are very pigmented, it’s a hit and miss x
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    Mobile therapist or home salon?

    I think it’s a good idea to do both, ask clients to come to you if it’s easier but offer the option to go to them for a small extra charge for petrol. I have cases for different treatments e.g. one for nails, one for lashes etc. They can get a bit heavy but they’re perfect for taking in my car...
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    Beauty therapist wanting to work in the USA

    I’m a 20 year old beautician from England, by the end of June I will be a level 3 qualified beauty therapist (already got my level 2 qualification and a years industry experience in a salon). I really want to be able to take my qualification abroad and work in the USA with it but I don’t really...
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    Easilocks or Sway hair extensions?

    I did notice that a little, especially as my hairs so blonde, thank you x
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    Easilocks or Sway hair extensions?

    This is more asking from a clients perspective as I work in beauty, not hair, but yeah I’ve had easilocks for ages now but my hair extentionist has recently introduced Sway hair extensions to offer for her clients and it’s quite a bit cheaper so I’m tempted to get it. The main thing I’m...