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  1. Louisechapman119

    HD brows/Henna/WOW

    Hi all. Looking for the best eyebrow course to go on Xx
  2. Louisechapman119

    Lash lift/perm and tiniting

    Hi everyone I am looking for and advice on the best lash lift or perm supplier and tints as well. We currently use lasbase products but looking on improving the service. Also with tinting we are wondering what lasts longest and a good range of colours would be good. TIA xx
  3. Louisechapman119

    Glitter hair strands

    Hi guys. Can I get advice on the best brand to use for hair glitter strands?
  4. Louisechapman119

    Branding own make up?

    Hi everyone! Ok so we are a small salon in Scotland and thinking of branding our own make up. Looking for animal cruelty free etc so any advice on this would be great. Also we are wondering what people thoughts are on what to stock like a starter selection of stock to get us started. If we are...
  5. Louisechapman119

    Make up brands to stock

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and looking for advice. We are a small salon in the south west of Scotland and are looking for a make up brand to stock. We currently stock Decleor and love it and used to stock Bare Minerals but that unfortunately will be coming to an end we were told today...