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  1. Vanilla Pod

    IBD Just Gel vs Bio Sculpture

    I have only had good things to say about Bio Sculpture, they are very helpful, I do not need to order every month ( far from it) and my distributor is Bio West and my training centre is Clevedon.
  2. Vanilla Pod

    Beauty room rent charges?

    That was what I was gonna ask lol
  3. Vanilla Pod

    Spray tanning to drop or not?

    I have given a lot of thought to this recently, I live in an area that people will spend money, but there is always the younger clients who will go to someone cheaper who can do a 'tan for a tenner', or nails for £15.Even people doing there own for friends that buy fake shellac etc and have not...
  4. Vanilla Pod

    Pinks Boutique

    I also use Pinks Boutique for Reflexology - just by adding a little bit of imagination, you will create a gorgeous spa treatment as well as a Reflexlology treatment - clients love it :lol:
  5. Vanilla Pod

    HD Brows to sell on QVC

    If a company states - you are buying into the brand - of course they are the only ones to benefit in the long run, you've done the donkey work for them.
  6. Vanilla Pod

    Pinks Boutique

    I recently have taken on Pinks Boutique. Lovely products - I have sensitive skin and use the Rose range -amazing, the only thing that does not make my skin itch. Very small amounts needed for treatments so - broken down , very cost effective. Just because something seems initially...
  7. Vanilla Pod

    Organic facials

    Yes I agree - Pinks Boutique
  8. Vanilla Pod

    I know lol

    I know lol
  9. Vanilla Pod

    Terrible time with tanning

    I still now after 5 years tanning always ask clients to stand out of the tent and do a full turn arms up/down and check insides of legs just to be sure in artificial and daylight if possible. There is nothing wrong in being thorough and this will put your mind at rest - as Collin said 'don't...
  10. Vanilla Pod

    Expensive facial cleanser - yes or no?

    Very true to what everyone has said, and yes I do read ingrediants , in fact I am obsessed about finding out about what is in the pot - so to speak , but also know that certain companies 'private label', so just because a product is a certain price , it can be manufactured and put out to the...
  11. Vanilla Pod

    Expensive facial cleanser - yes or no?

    Just had a look at Caroline Hirons blog - much amused :)
  12. Vanilla Pod

    Expensive facial cleanser - yes or no?

    After reading many articles online - also what top dermatologists say, Do we really need an expensive facial cleanser ( as this only stays on the skin momentarily) , will a cheaper non drying, non pore clogging etc suffice? Should we splurge on products that actually stay on the skin? Any...
  13. Vanilla Pod

    Jane Iredale vs Art Deco-opinions, please

    Just because a company retails in China - Does Not mean that it tests on animals - see and see Company then got to FAQ
  14. Vanilla Pod

    Jane Iredale vs Art Deco-opinions, please

    I personally love Art Deco - products amazing, customer care . Would you stop using because of it's high street presence? Do high end spas not stock the likes of Elemis /Decleor just because they can be found on QVC at cheaper prices ? NO - they still stock and advocate using these...
  15. Vanilla Pod

    Lycon Wax-need to find therapist in Devon near to Exeter

    Anyone in Devon (Exeter area or near to) that uses Lycon Wax, would love to try it ? Thanks in advance.
  16. Vanilla Pod

    What's your opinion on SBC gels?

    I have recently tried the SBC gels and love collagen / arnica and propolis :hug:
  17. Vanilla Pod

    Pinks Boutique or Spiezia Organics

    Anyone tried these organic products, if so which do you prefer for ethics, results with products, customer care? Any suggestions welcome:)
  18. Vanilla Pod

    Manual tan?

    I read in Professional Beauty this month that manual tans are returning as more of a treatment and especially with the over 35's- that includes me yay, I think the results and wear is better. Do anyone offer manual anymore? :biggrin:
  19. Vanilla Pod

    LCN gel nails

    Does anyone use LCN gel ? A friend uses it and says it is great, but no one ever seems to comment on it - seems a few really like it but on here it is not discussed? What are your thoughts?
  20. Vanilla Pod

    Young Nails

    Excellent, thought I had read that somewhere lol xx