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  1. Katmoz33

    Skincare brand

    We use circadia it’s fab, great results from the SWiTCH xx
  2. Katmoz33

    Dermaplaning and skin peel courses?

    Thank you I’ve never had this done before xx
  3. Katmoz33

    Dermaplane, chemical peel and hylauronic acid?

    Yes definitely, prob would be the best thing to use x
  4. Katmoz33

    Laser carbon facials?

    I’ve had one before I liked it, my skin felt really clean afterwards. My friend does this treatment and she loves doing it, think she enjoys blasting the carbon off at the end lol x
  5. Katmoz33

    Aesthetic questions re: qualifications?

    I’ve heard great things about sally Durant too my friend trained there and she certainly knows her stuff x
  6. Katmoz33

    Skincare brand suggestions

    Personally I use image skincare, they have a really good range [emoji173]️
  7. Katmoz33

    What is the best lash lift product, apart from LVL?

    Sweet squared are doing one called lashUS I think? I’ve seen a few people saying it’s really good and not drying like some lash lifts but I’ve never tried it sorry xx Might be worth doing a search on [emoji3]
  8. Katmoz33

    Dermaplaning and skin peel courses?

    What do you mean by it makes the skin 80% more receptive to creams? How does that work? Kat x
  9. Katmoz33

    How not to be a push over with clients

    I’m afraid this is the beauty industry, if your not available they will go to someone else. If someone needs something doing they always neeeeed it now! lol They take over your life and it’s hard to say no as you don’t want to dissapoint/let down your clients. Plus it’s extra money for you...
  10. Katmoz33

    Micropigmentation beginner

    Do you do any other treatments already? Just wondering if you have any type of existing client base? I’d start up a Facebook page, add plenty of people then do an offer to get people in. Fill a day with even friends and family and do it at cost if you need to, just to get plenty of pictures to...
  11. Katmoz33

    Pregnant lash tech

    If your eyes are getting sore from using the glue then I’d say it’s irritating you so a change of glue would prob be for the best! Other than that and a bad back leaning over I think you should be safe to carry on xx
  12. Katmoz33

    Pregnant lash tech

    I Can’t see any reason why not? Is there something in particular you think might be a problem? Maybe posture towards the end of her term might be uncomfortable xx
  13. Katmoz33


    Hi we have just taken on Circadia skincare I’m just wondering if anyone else uses it and how they like it? What products from the range would you recommend?
  14. Katmoz33

    Run away client

    Your nails looked lovely I don’t think they were a mess at all, personally I’d call the police anyway, let them contact her this way it might stop her doing it to someone else.
  15. Katmoz33

    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    Not sure of your point there, but if one person says so it must be true [emoji848]
  16. Katmoz33

    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    That’s abit of a sweeping statement to say nurses don’t have an understanding of the skin like a beauty therapist. Plus if everyone’s doing the same course surely you would have the same skin knowledge? You just won’t have the medical knowledge to back it up? I know a few nurses that do...
  17. Katmoz33

    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    I think you missed the point a little bit there, what she was saying is you as a beauty therapist can not treat someone if something goes wrong. Whereas a doctor or nurse prescriber can, I’m not a nurse I’m a beauty therapist just saying...try not to be too defensive she’s just giving her...
  18. Katmoz33

    Clinicare peels

    Can you call them and ask them to email them out to you? I’m sure they will x
  19. Katmoz33

    Itchy skin

    Does it get worse if you have been exercising or walking a lot? I’m just asking because my other half has had this for years and they gave him some tablets that fixed it xx
  20. Katmoz33

    Recommendations for foot peels?

    Callus peel have some Black Friday offers coming up next week, up to 30% on some items xx