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    Salon software trouble? it’s free and perfect! We have used it for years!
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    Pricing classic eyelash extensions

    You would first need to work out how much it’s costing you in products and overheads before you work out how much to charge. Randomly plucking out a figure from the air just won’t work and pricing yourself with other salons in the area is not a great idea because you might have very different...
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    Green stuff on acrylic brush!

    What do you use to store them face down?
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    Green stuff on acrylic brush!

    I store them flat in the plastic CND case.
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    Green stuff on acrylic brush!

    Is this a normal thing to get then? And how do you prevent this from happening?
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    Dip nails

    Ok so I’ve tried both systems. Dipping acrylics and conventional CND acrylics. I really don’t like the dipping ones for the following reasons: (I used SNS.) You cannot create a nice arch, they are often very flat looking. They are too thin and break very easily. Or if you put on more product...
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    Green stuff on acrylic brush!

    I would love some advice as to what’s going on! My acrylic brushes keep getting green gunk on them! It’s disgusting and I don’t know why! I’ve been told before that it’s contamination, but from where? How? They don’t touch anything apart from a clean, scrub freshen nail, monomer and acrylic...