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  1. gel3101

    Cutting technique

    My friend has asked me for this haircut. Her hair is a little bit longer than this at the moment. I was going to take a horseshoe section and clip out of the way. Then clipper the underneath. When it comes to the rest what cutting technique and angle would you guys use. Thanks
  2. gel3101

    Bleach not lifting

    I have a regular client who for the last 2 yrs has been having L’Oréal dia richesse 601. She now would like balayage and has shown me picture below. I took some test cuttings and applied L’Oréal bleach + 20 vol and did another with 30vol. Couldn’t get past level 7, quite coppery. We then...
  3. gel3101

    Blonde balayage

    My daughters friend has asked me for this [ IMG][/IMG] At the moment she is s level 7 natural with bleach ombré. The ends are a little yellow so I think they will need lifting slightly. I Will be using bleach and...
  4. gel3101

    Going darker

    My client is a level 7 with 100% grey regrowth of about an inch. For 2 years now she has been having highlights- 2 x bleach to 1x Majirel 7.0 and Majirel 8.0 in between packs. She now wants to go darker like in this picture: I was thinking of doing bleach highlights and then dia richesse...
  5. gel3101

    Permanent colour not lasting

    I have a client who had Majirel level 8.0 full head colour. She is a level 7 naturally with 100% grey regrowth. Before this she had bleach highlights with level 8 in between but wanted to lose the bleach altogether. I pre-pigged first and then covered with target shade 8.0 and 20vol. She said...
  6. gel3101

    High lift tint

    Hi, I’ve got a client, a young 17 yr old boy, who is fed up with how dark his hair has gotten. He is a natural level 6 and would like to reach a level 9/10. Do you think high lift tint would lift this and not be too brassy. Would rather do an all over colour as opposed to bleach foils. Thanks
  7. gel3101

    Blonde over highlights

    I highlighted my daughters hair this week. She was a level 7 with level 9/10 ombré on ends. Did a full head of back to back bleach foils up to the ombré. She doesn’t like it.... great, all that work for no money and she doesn’t like it[emoji51][emoji51]. She thinks it is “too white”. Thinking of...
  8. gel3101

    Rose brown

    A Client has asked me if I can do rose brown. Not heard of it does anyone know what it entails?? Thanks
  9. gel3101

    Gold undertones

    Morning, I have a client who has very gold undertones and says that after a short while her hair always comes through very gold. She is a level 7 with 100% grey. Last time she had it coloured she had majirel 8. With scattered bleach highlights. She now wants to go slightly darker so was...
  10. gel3101

    Rose brown

    Hi guys, just had a client ask me for Rose brown hair colour. Does anyone have any advice they can give me and does it still have to be bleached, I’m assuming it will. She has level 5 box colour with an inch regrowth, 100% grey. I use L’Oréal or Rusk. Thanks in advance.
  11. gel3101

    Caramel highlights

    Hi, I have a client who has level 5 virgin hair. She has asked me to do a full head foil highlights, a mix of caramel and a dark blonde, her words. I use L’Oréal. So I was thinking of doing bleach with 20vol alternately with 9.03+30 vol and 7.03 + 20vol. Anyone have any favourites they have...
  12. gel3101

    Full head bleach highlights to adding lowlights

    Hi all, I have a client at the weekend who is coming to me for the first time. For the last few years she has been having full head bleach highlights. She is a level 7 with about an inch regrowth. She's fed up with how dark her roots look against the bleach so I suggested she have a lowlight on...
  13. gel3101

    Violet colour

    Hi all, a client messaged me yesterday and has asked me to do this colour on her next week. At the moment she has level 4 hair with 100% grey roots which are about an inch long. The last couple of times she coloured her hair was with a box dye(dark brown) so she has quite a build up of colour...
  14. gel3101

    Red to brown

    Hi all, about 3 months ago I coloured my clients hair with majerel 5.62. She has now decided that she would like to be a medium golden brown - majerel 4.3. She has about an inch regrowth and she is a level 5. Will I have to strip the red first or do you think the 4.3 will cover. Before using...
  15. gel3101

    Tint over bleach?

    My client had a full head of highlights bleach + 6% with Majerel 8.0 in between foils 2 weeks ago. She has now contacted me and has said that she feels it is a bit too blonde for her and would like to add more of the base colour, level 8. Can I just go in with more foils with the 8 or should i...
  16. gel3101


    Hi all, have had a nightmare this weekend with a balyage. I double processed with bleach and 20vol as her hair was so dark. This was after doing many test cuttings. The 1st time came out very orange. Then after 2nd slightly less orange but still not great. I applied a toner, Dia- light 7.31...
  17. gel3101

    Tint over highlights

    Hi, I have a client who 6 weeks ago had half head highlights, bleach and high lift tint ash+ alternately. She is naturally a level 6. She would now like to go an all over colour on a level 7. W hat would be the best way to do this?
  18. gel3101

    Red to brown

    Hi, I have a client who is a level 4 and has had Rusk 5.56 on her hair for the last 2 colour treatments. She would now like to go with Rusk 5.8ch with a caramel balyage. ( as shown in picture). Will I have to strip out the red first or will it be ok to apply 5.8ch straight over. I am doing it in...
  19. gel3101

    Golden blonde to icy blonde

    I have a client coming in next week who wants to go lighter blonde - an icy blonde, her words. When she first came to me about 7 months ago she felt her hair was quite brassy and wanted to tone it down a bit. The last couple of times we did a full head highlights with majerel 7.3 and 8.34...
  20. gel3101

    Brassy tones

    I Ombred my daughter's hair yesterday and it came out fine, she was really pleased. This afternoon it seems to be looking really brassy with lots of orange and yellow tones. Can't believe how this has happened. I have just toned it using loreal dialight 902, but with very little change. Any...