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  1. ronray

    Blonde going brunette, Matrix users help

    I think I would go for the 7wm. A 5 will definitely cover a 7!
  2. ronray

    Blonde going brunette, Matrix users help

    Hmm what tones are in a M? Don't forget you have to replace what's been taken out.
  3. ronray

    Toner for bleached hair

    Try colour touch 10/6 on its own then. It really needs to be a visual development, use your better judgement, it's hard for me to say, not being there and being able to see the clients hair. From experience 10-15 minutes is good. But if you want a bit more violet leave it the full 20.
  4. ronray

    Blonde going brunette, Matrix users help

    Do you have an orange or red intensifier/mix tone? Add some if this to it?
  5. ronray

    Toner for bleached hair

    To me it looks like a very pale pink. I would either go for 10/96+10/16 kp with pastel, or colour touch 2 parts10/6+ 1 part 9/16 + 1.9%
  6. ronray

    Help doing a bleach & water cleanse to remove khaki tone on highlights

    I would try a deep cleansing shampoo first, leave it for 5mins and repeat, or use malibu C colour prepare. Then use a warm toning shampoo leave for the maximum time and repeat if necessary. This should be all it takes.
  7. ronray

    Kate Middleton hair colour

    It's multi toned koleston 5/37 for the base and I'd look at doing some very fine foils of koleston 10/0 and 9% around the hairline and a few across the parting.
  8. ronray

    Wella 9/1

    Go back to basics and start with your colour wheel. It will differ depending on what base /tone you apply it to.
  9. ronray

    Help, I hate my dyed black hair

    As @Haircutz suggested, colour remover is going to be the best way around this, with zero damage. I would avoid any form of bleaching or lightening. I highly recommend Zalon colour remover, Affinage eraser and colour reset. They are all reliable and do not contain bleaching agents.
  10. ronray

    Flat head, no occipital bone

    She does blow dry her hair, and it's okay, I've seen worse but I've seen better haha. She's a fairly new client to me, and I've been growing out a lot of damaged hair, so it is getting a better quality and thicker. She has a reasonable amount of hair, but if quite limp naturally. Perming isn't...
  11. ronray

    Flat head, no occipital bone

    My client has a graduated Bob no layers at the moment but she would really like a shorter layerd /more inverted Bob. But the back of her head is flat! The crown is very flat and not rounded at all, which leaves the hair flat in that area. But the occipital bone is practically none existent, so...
  12. ronray

    Business expenses for Botox?

    I understand what you're saying, but there's bound to be limitations. Would your accountant be able to tell you?
  13. ronray

    Business expenses for Botox?

    I'd be amazed if that's classed as expenditure! Surely that's personal isn't it?
  14. ronray

    Big colour change, grey toner help

    You'll need to bleach the hair up to a level 10, pre tone with colour touch 10/6 + 1.9% Then at the very root (from scalp to about 1.5inches ) I would use colour touch 1parts 4/71 + 1 parts 7/89 +1.9% blend this (2-3 inches down) in to 2parts 7/89 +1parts 5/1 +1.9% blending in to 8/81...
  15. ronray

    Strange questions

    You can't believe people would have the audacity. I had a client ask would her bill be cheaper if she "stripped her hair herself prior to the appointment" how do you politely say "no, it'll probably cost more, after you get blotches and chunks of all kinds of different colours running through...
  16. ronray


    White vs blue varies between brands. I always use white bleach for colour correction so that you have a truer reflection of how th hair is lifting during processing. Have you contacted the customer contact line and asked them who the nearest retailer is to you?
  17. ronray

    Unwanted grey tones

    Not sure if this is a recommended way, but you could also add conditioner to the hairline before applying the toner.
  18. ronray

    Toning advice

    Get yourself a bottle of IQ silver toning shampoo it's amazing for cooling blondes. They also do a blue version which helps clean up orange tones. It comes at an amazing price and I personally find it better than fanola. The other option is to look in to making yourself a colour bomb, alfaparf...
  19. ronray

    Unwanted grey tones

    Have you tried adding clear or a 10/0 to the formula? My other suggestion is apply it to everywhere else first then leave the hairline until the last 2-3 minutes.
  20. ronray

    Closest toner I can get?

    Also 10/86 kp is nice too