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  1. Beautific

    Question for anyone that has done training with Red10 in Doncaster

    Hi Can you please advise if a model was required every week of the course (25 weeks) or if you sometimes work on each other? Just so I can start searching for one if needed x
  2. Beautific

    Wanted - Nail desk rental 2 days South Yorks

    I offer Bio Sculpture, nsi balance gel and nsi l&p Have a client base already but looking to rent a desk in salon in my area Please contact me via inbox or 07905611599 if you have anything Thankyou :D
  3. Beautific

    Brisa conversion?

    Hi I currently offer bio sculpture natural overlays and sculpted extensions however I am wanting to introduce a hard gel that I can use confidently either sculpted or over tips. My first question is can I do the Brisa conversion course with a bio certificate? Secondly is brisa a strong enough...
  4. Beautific

    Part Time Space available to self employed semi-permanent makeup technician

    please inbox for further details space available from mid january
  5. Beautific

    Anybody in South Yorks know if Sallys or Adel keep steamers in stock?

    Hi I am in a pickle as my new steamer has arrived and is faulty so until I can get it fixed I am looking at a table top one but need it sharpish.. so does anyone know if locally I can go and get one please?
  6. Beautific

    Brazillian wax, skin peeling?

    Hi I have been doing my own brazillian wax using hot wax for about a year now and decided recently to have it done by a mobile therapist (she used a tea tree creme wax). This was two days ago and now i am itchy and the skin is peeling off me :cry: I know this is not normal but what couldve...
  7. Beautific

    Crystal Clear salons?

    Hi I am looking into Crystal Clear as at the moment I am offering Skinbase and doing a few a week, however lots are asking for crystal clear by name and when i tell them the skinbase is the same type of machine they do not want to know! What I am looking to find out is what do you charge per...
  8. Beautific

    Insurance for 50% lactic peel?

    Hi I am currently looking into insurance for the above due to recent training in peels and so far coming up with nothing other than babtac. Does anyone else know a company that insure you for it aswell as contents insurance for a salon that you can pay in installments? Thanks in advance :)
  9. Beautific

    Acrylic nails after 9 days, why do I feel so bad?

    Hi I did some infills for a client 9 days ago over the top of some she had done at a discount salon that use mma (i could smell it as i filed it ewww). I advised at the time that she may see a difference in the colour as I use entity acrylic and I am unsure what exact product they use and could...
  10. Beautific

    1 Day a week work placement offer for trainee therapist

    I have a fantastic opportunity for a trainee therapist in the rotherham area. This position is for a friday daytime from 9am til 3pm and give the person the opportunity to gain hands on salon experience ready for when they qualify. This position is unpaid to start with however treatments for the...
  11. Beautific

    Salon dilemma

    Hi I have been room renting within a hair salon for almost 2 years now and have built up a very good business both in the salon and also a mobile clientelle too. Today an opportunity has come up for a unit just round the corner from where my children go to school and it seems to be too good to...
  12. Beautific

    Bio Sculpture tech & Beauty Therapist requires position

    Hi I am a Bio nail tech and level 2 qualified beauty therapist. I have taken additional courses in Massage, Spray Tanning, Microdermabrasion (both crystal & diamond versions), Semi-Permanent Eyelashes and a Make-up Diploma. Soon to take male intimate waxing course with Kim lawless. I am...
  13. Beautific

    Pipe for gun for white fakebake pig?

    Hi I have acquired the above and was wondering if anyone knows do fakebake sell the replacement ones or anywhere else? Thanks
  14. Beautific

    Male waxing specialist?

    Hi I have been waxing in a self employed position in a salon for the last 2 years and out of all of the treatments I offer waxing seems to be the thing I am good at and confident which brings me lots of repeat business. I have considered doing a male waxing course but thinking maybe it will be a...
  15. Beautific

    Looking for micro ring extensionist in South Yorks area

    sorry if this is posted in wrong place, I am looking for the above due to having keratin ones which completely stripped my hair so thin upon removal that i have had to have a 6 month break
  16. Beautific

    Electrolysis training?

    Hi, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place so mods please move if need be :confused: I have my nvq level 2 in beauty therapy and have done additional shorter courses to add to my treatment list, however I have been asked if I do electrolysis lately by a fair number of clients but only seem to...
  17. Beautific

    Work Placement for Beauty Student

    I have a position available one day a week for a beauty student placement to gain salon experience. The position is unpaid however if successful a written reference will be supplied. Please telephone 07905611599 for further details
  18. Beautific

    Did anyone book bio sculpture training at the show?

    If so can you let me know if they give the kit there or post and and what the discount is as I am in two minds should I book now or wait until I have been to the show and book there?
  19. Beautific

    Opi Axxium Training?

    Does anyone know if Opi have training at other venues and not just head office in hertfordshire? Thanks in advance
  20. Beautific

    Are there any IBD soak off gel users?

    I have recently been looking at a soak off gel to use and IBD was one of the ones available. Does anyone use it and how do you find it wears? I have done a search and it comes up with nothing hence the post so sorry if it has been asked before :D