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    Lash extensions not lasting?

    Hi, it could be a number of reasons why they aren’t lasting. Maybe the adhesive you are using is too fast setting for you, if so it will lead to brush offs and poor retention. Also have you checked your room conditions - humidity & temperature as this also can effect retention too. Are you...
  2. Studio Lashes

    Newly trained

    Hi Please don’t feel deflated. Lashing is a lot harder than it looks so is something that takes time and a lot of practicing to master. Working on a mannequin head is great for practicing isolation but remember the practice lashes are plastic so sometimes when you place the extension they can...
  3. Studio Lashes

    Best value lash extension trays

    Hi Marie Have a look at our website. We sell Russian Volume lashes 0.07 in Curls C,CC & D and are super easy to fan, great quality and reasonably priced. If you would like to try I can give you a discount code to receive 10% off your first order. X
  4. Studio Lashes

    Best glue for classic and hybrid lash extensions?

    Hi, Lashbase glues are really good and reasonably priced. I’m sure they have a sample pack you can try. X
  5. Studio Lashes

    Couch roll

    Hi EBay or Amazon is the cheapest place I find x
  6. Studio Lashes

    Best lash extension training?

    Hi Kate, I’m based in Gloucestershire and I teach a fast track Straight to Volume course which means you learn both Classic lashes & Russian Volume. Once you have completed your case studies you will be then qualified to offer Classic, hybrid ( mix of classic & volume ) and Russian volume. Not...
  7. Studio Lashes

    Best lash extension training?

    Hi Katie Where are you located and I can recommend some training courses for you. X