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  1. Caitlinnxx

    Best hairdryer please

    Ghd Air
  2. Caitlinnxx

    Majicontrast pure copper dupes, help!

    Have you tried contacting L’Oréal pro directly? X
  3. Caitlinnxx

    Lightening natural hair

    What are you wanting to achieve? You could use a tint or a high lift tint. Or you could use the L’Oréal sunkissed lightening oil. It really depends on what effect you want to achieve & tone
  4. Caitlinnxx

    Help, best ash hair colours!

    Maybe try 7.12 for a root smudge as the violet should counteract the warmth. I use level 7’s (L’Oréal dialight) for root smudges with 9vol make sure you’re letting it develop fully and don’t panic and rinse it too quick as it won’t do the job! Xx
  5. Caitlinnxx

    So fed up with lack of grey coverage

    L’Oréal especially the inoa range! Xx
  6. Caitlinnxx

    Blonde to dark Dia Richesse

    Hiya! If the hairs fading warm and you want to eventually be dark all over I would pre pig with 6.3 dialight , rinse and dry off then apply your 5.01 with 6vol if there’s no white hairs that need covering. I’ve attarched the dialight pre colour chart xx
  7. Caitlinnxx

    Help with L’Oréal Dialight

    I’m the same I’m fine with the bleaching but when it comes to toning I panic and rinse off too quick or I leave it and it goes too purple at the root!! Try adding a bit of clear into your mixture if you feel it’s too ashy, do you emulsify bleach through the ends before you rinse off, the ends...
  8. Caitlinnxx

    Balayage help

    I’d do the highlights then put root toner of a 7 on 1-2 inches from the root then ends toner and smudge them into each other just using my fingers to blend them. I would take a strand test though first so you know what your working with , good luck! Xxx
  9. Caitlinnxx

    Balayage help

    I’d probably do a half head of really fine highlights to breakup the dark root then use a root toner of a 7 then blend into a 10, the level 5 root will take a few sessions to get rid of completely because if you bleach it out it will probably lift warm, have you taken a strand test ? X
  10. Caitlinnxx

    Hair extensions gone pink?

    Something similar happened to me my client wanted to make her extensions a warmer blonde so I put 9.3 on to tone for a couple of minutes and she called a few days later saying they’d gone pink. All I can think of is that the chemicals used to treat the extensions had reacted with the toner in my...
  11. Caitlinnxx

    Inoa help

    You can use 8.3 fundamental white box and that will cover white hair , using 8.3 the yellow box won’t cover also make sure you mix with the inoa developer x
  12. Caitlinnxx

    L’Oreal toner

    Try to lift the hair above an 8, level 8 doesn’t tend to be ashy and if it is tends to look too dark, you’ll get an ashier result working at a level 9 or 10, and explain to her maintenance she needs to use purple shampoo or come in for top up toners because all toners fade x
  13. Caitlinnxx

    What’s the best toner?

    Choosing the right toner really depends on what level the hair lifts up to and what result they want to achieve, they’re tailored for each client and aren’t a ‘one size fits all’. Is there a certain client in particular you need advice with? X
  14. Caitlinnxx

    Advice on dark drown to blonde

    Hey! I would do a deep cleanse to remove that tint see how light that goes then work from there. It will probably be a gradual process working your way up to a lighter base and probably won’t be done in one session. I’d also explain pinks tend to fade really quick so she’d need to top it up at...
  15. Caitlinnxx

    Majirel grey coverage

    Try inoa it’s 100% coverage I think majirel is only 70%. inoa looks softer and grows out nicer aswell I find Xx
  16. Caitlinnxx

    Root smudge has gone ginger

    Hiya I would either pre pig her root then rinse dry and apply your tint over it but explain it will still fade or do a t section highlights with the tint in between then do a root toner of a 7 this will help blend the highlights from the root more naturally and lock in the root colour a bit...
  17. Caitlinnxx

    Direct toners (non developer)

    Hiya! Try mycolorfulhair In L’Oréal there’s quite a few different shades , they’re direct dyes x
  18. Caitlinnxx

    Honey blonde toner

    I tend to use 9vol x
  19. Caitlinnxx

    Which toner to use?

    Hiya! To me it’s quite multitonal but to get the ashy blonde you can see mainly through the ends of use 10.12 dialight L’Oréal.. what method are you using? Highlighting? If so I’d also do a darker root toner (a 7) then blend into the 10.12 x
  20. Caitlinnxx

    Help with a colour please!

    I use L’Oréal I just don’t think you’ll get the coverage with 10 vol and the roots will seem too light compared to the ends using an 8 on the root