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    Spray Tan Technician

    Spray Tan Technician required for new venture in an existing Hair & Beauty Salon. Professional equipment and solutions provided. Flexible arrangement for suitable applicant. PM for details
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    Interesting Opportunity-Hair & Beauty Salon

    Investor seeking 2 * Working Partners (Qualified Hair Professionals) for exciting new project in Nottingham. Minimal investment, possibility of interest free loan to suitable candidates. Beautician vacancy possible, PM to discuss. Other geographical areas available soon. PM me if...
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    Cheaper calls

    Hi Geeks Just to let you all know, for those that use mobile phones or devices like iPads than need a sim card, GiffGaff claim to be the cheapest provider. The sim cards are free and you can keep your number if you want. SIM Card Deals | I think there is an introduction...
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    Nail desk/room rental agreement

    Hello Geeks I'm just about to rent a naildesk in my S'lon, and possibly a beauty room too. Can anyone point me to a standard rental agreement doc? Much appreciated. M x
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    Nails/Tan/Beauty Opportunity

    Soon to be available, a nail desk and/or beauty room in a growing salon in Crewe, Cheshire. Flexible arrangement for successful applicant. Message me to discuss this exciting opportunity further. Michael
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    Beauty opportunity in Cheshire

    Soon to be available, room above a hair salon. Currently a blank canvas, willing to discuss ideas on decor and fitments. Flexible arrangements for the right tenant. Was considering nails and tans, as hair clients have shown an interest in these services, but open to proposals. If you...
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    Card provider

    Hi I need to get CC/DC payments into my salon, has anyone any experience of using the company "Chip and Pin Solutions"? I see some geeks have used Santander, but when I enquired, they couldn't tell me if I'd be accepted and that I should open a business bank account 1st. HSBC will not...
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    Data backups

    Hi I read about the geek who had her website hacked and lost all her data, what a nightmare! So I thought I'd post this as a reminder to all Geeks who have websites, and more importantly electronic booking systems. If nothing else, everyone knows how feeble some of the pc's can be with...
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    Hi Geeks How does this Groupon system work? Their website shows loads of very attractive deal with like 70% off (who wouldn't buy that). But if you start off with a treatment for £50, then subtract 70% = £15, then subtract the 35% that Groupon take, you are left with £9.75! If you...
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    Beauty opportunity in Cheshire

    Hi New salon owner in Cheshire seeks newly trained or experienced beauty professionals. Flexible arrangements, message me to discuss the options. Michael
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    New Venture in Liverpool

    Anyone thinking of starting up in Liverpool? Message me if you are.
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    Ready to take that step?

    Hi Are you thinking of starting out on your own? Maybe you already work from home or you are mobile? Are you ready to take the plunge and get your own salon? Private investor would like to hear from you to discuss the next move. Flexible arrangements to suit all options. Reply...