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  1. nailzoo

    The Worlds Faster Sculptures Competition

    There has been quite a bit of controversy about the winner, she used forms :-) Some say they are not sculptures, but most of us know they are sculptured inside the form. Your thoughts ? Nailpro Pasadena 2013 Amy Becker, Fastest Nails Winner, Guinness World Records, 7:56 - YouTube
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    On Television in Oz tonight

    We try hard to bring attention to these salons ........
  3. nailzoo

    You can really learn from Youtube

    What can you learn from Youtube ?
  4. nailzoo

    Ventilation unit for nail table-DIY

    Made this today and wanted to share with my Salongeek mates .... Get your man of the house to take a look (they are all gonna hate me) Please be patient while I upload all of the pictures, will have to do it in several posts :-) A chopping board kinda like a tupperware container...
  5. nailzoo

    Before & after on toes

    I don't normally do toes, but had a friend in need, so ......... here goes
  6. nailzoo

    CCFL lamp

    Been using this for quite some time now, it will cure normal gels and LED, it has a broader nm spectrum. Better energy consumption and a life span of approximately 30,000 HRS (approx 10 years if used 8 hrs a day) I bought one that has 60, 120 and 180 sec timer. It's working for me, but I...
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    Yeah sure, I can do nails

    I find it interesting that people "expect" to be able to just "do nails"...... Well...... yes you can, but it does depend on how good you intend to be. Oddly enough, when people see what I can do with nails, they "expect" me to be able to paint ..... Heaven forbid, my autistic godson...
  8. nailzoo

    Bluffers, dare I say fakes?

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but there seems to be some very basic questions being asked ........ Questions so basic that these "apparent" techs can not possibly be undertaking any kind of training (and if they are, they are being trained by a less that scrupulous tutor). Some peeps post in...
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    Preparation with a drill

    NOT !!!! ACRYLIC NAILS - Preparation with a Drill - I DON'T THINK SO - YouTube
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    Happy Birthday Adele

    The lovely Adele, laughing like a drainpipe in the distance ..... listen to the lyrics from 2008 Acrylic Nails Infill with a gel topcoat - YouTube and or
  11. nailzoo

    Fish Pedicure

    Not in the mood to be serious, so here's some fun
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    Facebook account disabled

    My facebook account just got disabled for posting pictures of nails. I posted some pictures using my new microscope (someone mentioned it looked like a penis and my account was disabled. Here are the pictures. eponicium pushed back eponichium pushed back exposing cuticle on nail healthy...
  13. nailzoo

    Op ???

    I take it that OP means Original Poster, not 2 thirds of OPI ? Sheesh how are we supposed to keep up with "TL" (this lingo) "IW" (if we) "DH" (don't have) "TO" (the opportunity) "TU" (to understand) "WICF" (where it comes from) ......... GMD (get my drift) ?
  14. nailzoo

    Keeping clients at arms length

    Do you embrace your clients? Do you have fun with them? Do you socialize with them ? Over many many years I have built relationships with my clients, hell I know more about them than their husbands (or wives) boyfriends or partners. I enjoy their company and often take the...
  15. nailzoo

    Have you ever met someone who you thought was family ?

    I can only describe this woman as a "sister". I have such an affinity with this woman, it's like we have known each other all our lives. We have many ideas and many thoughts that involve many people. Yet we can laugh and play like very personal firends. I treasure this friendship...
  16. nailzoo

    Brush Holder

    I thought this was quite camp, but also very practical (well it works for my setup) ........ and cheap. You can get them on ebay **URL removed**
  17. nailzoo

    Some new pictures

    I believe in exposing/showing the Onychodermal Band to make nails more natural looking. What do you think? Bet you will have to google this one:)
  18. nailzoo

    Avolve Cover Powders

    Finally finished the Avolve "Masquerade" powders. Thought I'd play with my nails....... well transforming a mans nailplate is a tad more difficult than a womans. The pinky is "Peach" and the exaggerated ring finger is "Pink", it's sculpted in a Popit.
  19. nailzoo

    Drama, or do I just Lie ?

    This is kind of a Blog, (please forgive me), but I think we may all eventually have to go through it, so it's more public than private, so please forgive me if it's wrong, or in the wrong place ...... hell, even I'm confused. I have a really good client (and very generous client) who had...
  20. nailzoo

    RIGHT ........ I can't stand it any longer

    You know I hate snakeoil salesmen and the like. I've argued black and blue over ear candles (and enjoyed every minute), but yet again, I'm gonna walk the plank to share some informmation with all of you. You can do with it whatever you want, but if it helps one single person, then I have...