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    Instagram nail model

    Male nail model specializing in modeling men's manicures , extreme nails , men's pedicures extreme pedicures as well as male to female nail makeovers to help Nail techs build there transgender clientele if u need help reaching out to this u tapped lucrative market feel free to contact me I work...
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    Seeking to network with nail techs in the US for a project

    Looking to build my portfolio and wondering if any US nail techs both pro or amateur would be interested in helping me create a large portfolio of nail looks. I would provide my hands and feet as models you would be free to create whatever you want. We photograph the results and each get copies...
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    What prep do I need to do as a model for a male to female gel sculpt project?

    I am working with a nail technician next week for pictures for her portfolio. She has requested to do a male to female nail makeover by doing a full set of sculptured nails. Is there any type of prep I should follow as far as nail shape and length that will make it easier for her to do the...
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    Super challenge-men's manicure before and after

    Here is a before and after photo when I cleaned the drains in my house and the amazing job a nail technician did to fix the mess i made out of my hands . They don't pay you enough for what you have to deal with sometimes. If you need something to boost your male clientele feel free to share...
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    Before and after 3 different nail looks, feedback appreciated

    Today I worked with a nail technician looking to show her diversity of work for her business flyers amid social media. Index finger is acrylic freehand design gel top coat middle is pointed clear gel sculpt with free hand design ring finger is men's clear gel matte finish . Any opinions...
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    Yesterday's shoot opinion

    Yesterday did a portfolio shoot for a nail tech who wanted to do a male to female extreme nail makeover.
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    New nail model seeking advice from techs

    i started nail and foot modeling this summer in NYC. I answered an ad from a nail tech seeking to do a full set of men's clear gels for her social media advertising to expand her business . They came out great and she asked if I would help her with future projects since I had slender fingers...