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  1. Christine Mary

    Not another LVL lashes Training

  2. Christine Mary

    Could anyone please advise me on this

    If someone wants their money back for a gift voucher bought nearly 18 months ago, what would you do? Answers gratefully recieved.
  3. Christine Mary

    Top coat error

    I received my Brisa Lite yesterday, the sculpting, and also the smoothing. Today I thought I'd try it out on one hand on myself. Have to say that it's beautiful, very easy to apply, and the end results look very nice. I also decided to do one nail with Shellac, just to see. I chose Hollywood...
  4. Christine Mary

    Can we please get this right?

    Is it possible please for some of us to use the correct terminology? As we are all "professionals", when we refer to electric files, that is just what they are...........NOT drills!!! Thank you.
  5. Christine Mary

    Sugared Spice

    Now, when I first saw this new colour, my thoughts were, Iced Cappuchino. How very wrong, I'm actually loving this, it has a gorgeous goldy shimmery look, and is very pretty. I have this on all but my ring fingers where I have the ruby glitz. The two colours together look very Christmassy...
  6. Christine Mary

    Waiting for midnight

    Anyone else out there trying to stay awake till midnight to order the goodies from the sweet shop?
  7. Christine Mary

    Bush fires in Spain

    Hope all you ladies out there in Spain are safe, and have not been affected by the horrendous fires over there at the moment.
  8. Christine Mary

    Something about Moxie

    Why is it, if Moxie liquid is for people who work quicker do I find it so lovely and easy to work with in this hot weather? I'm certainly not a quick worker, but there's something about Moxie that's really making smile lines easy. Just curious to see if anyone has found this too.
  9. Christine Mary

    Hats Off to Sweet Squared

    Having just returned to nails after a break of several years, I have been re - stocking my CND powders, liquids, and other essential items. Since my return, I found the products to be even better than before, easier to work with, and even greater clarity, giving such a lovely finished look. One...
  10. Christine Mary

    Hats Off to Sweet Squared