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  1. AdelleNailsIt

    What would cause a vertical crack in the nail?

    Hi there :) I have just had a new client visit me and 5 days later she rang to say that they nails were lifting really badly and she wouldn't be able to wait for her backfil next week. I said to come straight in and I would fix the nails that were lifting. I did nothing but worry until she...
  2. AdelleNailsIt

    Stubborn Client Using Stick On Nails!!!!!

    Hiya Everyone I have a client coming to me that used to get acrylics a while ago, and when the nail "popped off" she would use glue and stick it back on.... ....then she got a fungal infection in most of her nails, and she stopped getting enhancements.... ....she has waited for the...
  3. AdelleNailsIt

    Initial Trianing & RRP

    I did my training back in July, then was left to it! :Scared: I felt that I was doing it right, but was having many "one-timers" and not many returning. I was getting very frustrated! :( I have just done my RRP & feel a lot more confident. I was doing it right, but wrong!!!! Now I...