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  1. loubylou

    ~*~The Official... "Secret Santa has been" thread~*~

    I think i may be the first lucky geek to get my secret santa gift, or not so secret for me any more lol, the gift came last week and i am not good, i could not wait for 4 weeks to open it :lol: a very big thank you to catsaremad for my gift, (and Fiona for making it) i have a very beautiful...
  2. loubylou

    Help from the Scottish geeks

    I am looking for a venue to do some classes from, in-between the areas of Glasgow and Edinburgh on Sunday 9th August and Monday 10th, the room can be within a salon if you have a nice biggish space for me to rent, or if any one can advise of any rooms in those areas that would be good to rent...
  3. loubylou

    My website if you fancy a nosy

    I know you are all probably sick to the back teeth of looking at geeks websites, well tough :lol: mine is 99% finished, there is going to be a feed back page added at a later date for clients and trainees to have their two penneth worth should they want, Ruth Mills has slaved over this for me...
  4. loubylou

    Free spray tan

    Spray tan models required please (begging) :lol: you will be needed on wednesday 17-06-09 between 1pm & 2pm venue is Shipley, West Yorkshire, please pm me if you can help rather than answering here and clogging up the boards, thanks :hug:
  5. loubylou

    Thank you Guild & Sweet Squared

    Just want to thank both the Guild and Sweet Squared for my prizes in the photographic comp, my minx & coloured powders turned up over a week ago and my trophy turned up yesterday, (i will put a pic up in my album later) Thank you xoxo :hug: have you got yours Emma (exciting isn't it)
  6. loubylou

    Spray Tan models needed, Shipley

    I am in need of some models for Tantrick spray tanning, this Saturday, 16th may (please) for a trainee, at my training centre in shipley, if any of you can help please PM me for details thanks :hug:
  7. loubylou

    Spray tan models needed

    Who is up for a free spray tan on Tuesday 14th April, you would need to be able to get to Shipley anytime between 12.30 pm & 1.30pm, the girl i am teaching already has spray tanning experience but is is having refresher training so there will be no disasters, if you can help please PM me rather...
  8. loubylou

    Xen tan

    Just a quick heads up for all you devoted xen tan followers, they are now to be selling the products on Ideal world, and we all know how this will effect the retail side of xen tan stockists, it will be viewed on 2nd April 3pm till 4pm and 8pm till 9pm 3rd April 10pm til 11pm...
  9. loubylou

    Help INM tip suppliers

    Do any of you know where i can buy INM exact fit tips from in the UK please, i am getting very desperate now :|
  10. loubylou

    Change of business name ???

    I am wanting to change the name of my salon, it is called Sunessential at the moment and this is what it was called when i bought it, the lady that i bought it from only did nails and had a sunbed so the name was ok, i do most beauty treatments, nails, tanning and training so i don't think the...
  11. loubylou

    TPTW North sea

    Why is the North sea called the North sea when it is in the East ?
  12. loubylou

    The wax queen defuzzes Yorkshire

    I want to say a big thank you to kim :hug: who came all the way to Yorkshire to hold an intimate waxing course for myself and a few other lovely geeks and lovely none geeks, we have all had a really fun day and learnt lots and lots, also a big thank you to impulse (Sam) who stepped in at the...
  13. loubylou

    Waxing model needed

    Hi all, my model for reasons beyond her control has had to let me down for this Sunday :cry: i am having an intimate wax training class with Kimmi from here, so if anyone would kindly like to be my model for the day please let me know here or send me a PM please i am begging :hug:
  14. loubylou

    Help me find bi mai nail tips

    The title says it all really, i am desperate to find a supplier of the bi mai nail tips, if any one knows where i can get hold of these would you please be kind enough to give me a link or a phone number thanks geeks :hug:
  15. loubylou

    Yorkshire Waxers

    Hi all you waxers in yorkshire, as some of you know i am organising a training day with Kimmi aka The Wax Queen, this will take place at my salon in shipley, west yorkshire, this is for female intimate waxing and all other body areas, using the Perron Rigot hot wax, so far we are one person...
  16. loubylou

    Simon jersey

    Can the girls that have bought tunics from Simon jersey please tell me if they are a small fitting, large fitting or normal fitting, as we all know these uniform companies seem to have their own ideas when it comes to sizing the clothes, i would have had a look at the NEC but i don't think they...
  17. loubylou

    Tagged website

    I keep getting emails from this site telling me that people have sent me messages, what is this site ? is it because i have joined face book or is it something different ??
  18. loubylou

    Letters for prom nails & tans

    I would like to put together a letter to go out to schools for the prom season offering nails and tans to the young girls at a special rate, i don't have any contacts with people in schools or mums of teenage girls so could do with some ideas on the wording of a letter, have any of you done this...
  19. loubylou

    Double room to rent

    An area with two rooms and a small hall is up for rent, this area was previously used by a holistic therapist for a number of years, looking for someone to rent the rooms who does any alternative therapys, there is already someone in the building (in a different room) doing nails, beauty &...
  20. loubylou

    Medals ?????

    Where have the medals come from that i keep seeing on peoples posts, and how do i get one lol :lol: