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  1. Studiosparkle

    LED lamp on Sweet Squared Facebook page.

    Have you seen the latest profile pics of sweet squared on Facebook. Does anyone know which LED lamp they are using? I posted a question on their page but I thought some of you guys might know :) it looks nice and super bright! That.s what I need with my eyesight...
  2. Studiosparkle - Black Friday Deal

    Hi guys, if you ever need any lightings for your salon/mobile have a quick check on Amazon uk today. I just bought a lamp for my nails room nearly half price. Spread the lurv! :)
  3. Studiosparkle

    Sweet Squared "Nails Naturally" Manicure training?

    Hi guys, please could you let me know if this is the CND qualification? I am planning to take a mani and pedi training so I could go on and train for Shellac/Axxium. Is this the qualification that most sort after?