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  1. Caitlinnxx

    Russian hair extensions

    Can you colour Russian hair extensions? I’ve toned some with 9.3 dialight for a couple of minutes to remove the edge of the false ashy tone, but client has rung to say they now look pink?
  2. Caitlinnxx

    Direct dye

    What level does hair need to be lifted to for a navy blue to sit over it well? I’m thinking of using L’Oréal colourful hair which is a direct dye - this is the blue I’m wanting to achieve..
  3. Caitlinnxx

    Navy blue

    What level does hair need to be lifted to for a navy blue to sit over it well? I’m thinking of using L’Oréal colourful hair which is a direct dye - this is the blue I’m wanting to achieve..
  4. Caitlinnxx


    Can I use bleach after a deep cleanse using effasor and 6%. To create a highlighted effect
  5. Caitlinnxx

    Not enjoying cutting

    I qualified in level 3 last year and over the past few months I’ve not been enjoying cutting, I’m thinking about giving up cutting and just sticking to being a colour technician - my only worry is will this make me less employable if I were to leave my current salon? Or do quite a lot of salons...
  6. Caitlinnxx

    Neutralising highlift tint

    Did a half head bleach highlights with a root colour in between - majirel highlift ash and ash violet. The ends were already above a level 10 and she uses silver shampoo a lot at home so the ends have grabbed on to this and appear almost white. I toned the roots with luo po1 to removed excess...
  7. Caitlinnxx

    Colour advice please

    I’ve got a new client, had a consultation with her. At the moment she’s got about 5 inches natural level 6 root quite warm then level 5 old red semi perm on the mid lengths and ends, it’s faded to a warm brown but you can still see the red tone. She’s eventually wanting a white balayage (shock!)...
  8. Caitlinnxx

    Hair scissors recommendations?

    Looking for some new scissors, currently on size 5.5 but think I need to get a bigger pair. An all rounder pair good for baselines, layers and precision work etc.. Any recommendations? - budget is £200
  9. Caitlinnxx

    Salon hair extensions brands

    Looking for a new hair extension provider. Currently use Balmain but it’s not affordable for clients - any recommendations?
  10. Caitlinnxx

    White toner L’Oréal

    Any recommendations for a bright white toner in L’Oréal for full head prelightener? I’ve used po1 before but sometimes it looks a bit dull, I know it depends on level of lift but any recommendations would be helpful!
  11. Caitlinnxx

    Quiet stylist

    I’m a graduate colour technician - I graduated in June. My column is still really empty even around Christmas. My boss has put a few advertisements and offers on social media to promote me but I’m still quiet. Any advice on how to get busier? Thankyou In advance!
  12. Caitlinnxx

    Add tone to white hair

    Hi! Looking for some advice.. my client has 100% white hair but she’d like to add a more golden tone to it rather than the dull salt and pepper she is now. How would you advise to do this without using a permanent colour? I use L’Oréal pro
  13. Caitlinnxx

    Root prepig

    I have a colour change tomorrow, full head prelightener to a blonde balayage. Wanting to darken the root down, what’s that best way to pre pig this? Currently level 10+ wanting roots to be a level 6/7 and ashy!
  14. Caitlinnxx

    Shine line?

    Anyone know how to create a shine line through a fringe etc? Can’t find any tutorials
  15. Caitlinnxx

    Dark Blue toner L’Oréal

    Does anyone know any nice dark blue Toners In loreal? I know mycolorfulhair have a navy blue but I’m looking for something which lasts a bit longer.
  16. Caitlinnxx

    Dia Richesse

    Is it normal for the water to still run slightly dark from the colour when shampooing, after the client has had colour done for almost a week and has washed their hair 3 times since? (Used 5.8 diarichesse)
  17. Caitlinnxx

    In need of training models

    To finish my final year of training I’m in need of training models for colour and cuts in Yorkshire Uk on Tuesdays. All training is supervised by a senior member of the team. Colour services require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to service. Please message me for further details Any...
  18. Caitlinnxx

    5.01 + 5.3 Dia Richesse L’Oréal Pro

    Does anyone know if 5.01+5.3 equal parts with 9vol makes 5.31 in richesse? Ran out of 5.31 so mixed this and it seemed to work‍♀️