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  1. MichelleG1978

    TS20 dial setting

    For those of you who have a TS20 machine, can you tell me what setting you have the density dial on please for best results? I know they have no markers but my technical term is like a clock, so say 7pm or 5pm depending on where the line is, if that makes sense? Thank you
  2. MichelleG1978

    TS20 gun and Suntana

    Hi! Do any of you have the TS20 gun and use suntana? I'm having real issues trying to get the flow set right! I've always had my gun set in the 6pm position and for any other brand I've used that's been fine. With suntana it comes out with hardly any guide colour, looks and feels quite wet, and...
  3. MichelleG1978

    Extraction units

    Can anyone recommend a decent extraction fan that won't break the bank please? My spray tanning room in my salon is quite small and even after a couple of back to back tans the room is cloudy and I feel I'm just breathing in solution! Without going into too much detail my tissues are full on...
  4. MichelleG1978

    Bondi sands

    Hi! So I've been looking into which spray tan I'd like to start using and I think I've settled on Bondi sands. Just wondering if anyone can help me out on the shades? They don't offer samples and I'm a bit confused. The light/medium says 8%, dark says 12% and liquid gold says 10% Has anyone used...
  5. MichelleG1978

    Make up artist wanted

    Please delete if not allowed.... I run a salon and I'm looking for someone to come in and do make up on a rent a chair basis. I'm in Beverley....if you're interested or know someone who is please get in touch..
  6. MichelleG1978

    Which spray tan solution?

    I know this has been asked a million times but I'm so confused! I started off spray tanning with la tan but apart from the fast tan my clients weren't really happy with the colours they turned out to be, said they'd like darker but even the darkest tan wasn't that dark. I recently took over a...
  7. MichelleG1978

    Tan looks different with different machines?

    Do any of you find the same brand spray tan goes on different with different machines? I've been using la tan with a tanning kit I got from la tan themselves but found my clients were saying that other than the fast tan the colours didn't come out as they should? I've checked the settings on my...
  8. MichelleG1978

    Nail desk to rent in Beverley

    I own a beauty salon in the centre of Beverley and I have a nail desk to rent. Either full or part time. We offer a wide range of services and are a very different feel salon, also very relaxed and welcoming. If anyone would be interested or know of anyone who would be then please get in touch...
  9. MichelleG1978

    Sienna x spray tan machine?

    Hi. I've recently been given a t200 (t2000) sienna x spray tan machine. It didn't come with any instructions so I'm hoping one of you can tell me how to set the dial properly as it oversprays massively and uses 100mls tan per body! I've closed the screw to closed, it turned about 6 times! I...
  10. MichelleG1978

    Bondi Sands

    Hi! Just discovered that Bondi sands have brought out a spray tan and wondered if any of you have tried it? Currently using la tan but not really impressed with any of them other than the fast tan, don't think they're dark enough.
  11. MichelleG1978

    New business

    Hi! I'm in the process of setting up my own salon, are there any hints or tips you can give me? Things I should or shouldn't do? Things I need or don't need? I'll be offering nails, tanning, waxing, lash services. Thank you all in advance
  12. MichelleG1978

    La Tan cocktail range

    I'm new to using la tan. If any of you use it can I ask a question? I got samples of the whole range and tried out the 14% cocktail on myself and my friend last night. We're both really unimpressed? To say it's the second darkest of the range we both find it's just given us a golden glow rather...
  13. MichelleG1978

    Using enough solution

    Hi! I'm new to spray tanning and when I trained I was told to expect to use around 50 mls of tan solution per body, and from what I've read on here that's right. I've done a few weeks of practise and I feel confident in my routine, feel my gun is set up right, and people have been happy with the...
  14. MichelleG1978

    Eyelash glue going off?

    I'm using salon system naturalash individual lash adhesive and it keeps going gloopy and getting a film on the top? Tried again today with a brand new glue as thought maybe the one I was using had gone off, but after about 10 minutes it goes gloopy and gets a film on it? My room isn't too warm...