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  1. minky

    Happy 30th Birthday sknight may all your hopes and dreams come true :)

    **Happy Birthday** *today and the whole year through* *and many more of em* *here's wishing every happiness* * x x x x *
  2. minky

    Strange looking and strange feeling extension hair

    Hi just wanting some input about some hair I am testing at the moment (just testing it for a for a favour ) as someone is trying to pass this rubbish hair off on to them as being Russian hair :( one particular bundle has been coated and most of the hair is running in the same direction but...
  3. minky

    Happy Birthday Jaydee

    **Happy Birthday Jaydee** *have a great day *
  4. minky

    Happy Bithday Marian

    **Happy Birthday Marian** *have a fabby day*
  5. minky

    Interested in good bonding products

    Hi , I use Balmains microplus clear bonds , as they will suit any colour hair. I pre tip all my own loose bundle hair into extensions using these fantastic clear bonds The Main reason I use Balmain microplus bonds is that they can be rolled straight away without using a rolling pad and...
  6. minky

    Answering or not answering with-held or private numbers ?

    Hi , just to be clear I am talking about my personal home phone , I understand it's different for business calls but I just wanted to know if anyone else gets bugged by private or withheld numbers calling you on your home phone ? here's my story .... on my home phone I always like to know...
  7. minky

    Maiden name

    Hi, I always wanted to keep my maiden name when I got married but gave into tradition , but...I have always felt a bit sad about losing my maiden name , I wonder is it still mine to use as I want or do I need permission ?
  8. minky

    Happy Birthday *JOANNE*

    Happy Birthday *JOANNE* have super duper Day :hug: x x x x :hug:
  9. minky

    Clients always wanting cheap hair extensions

    Hi, my question is to all proffesionaly trained hair extensionists do any of you get fed up with clients wanting really good hair extensions fitted in for as CHEAP as possible ? I mean after all .... you have to stand there for five or more hours do any of you feel let down by people asking...
  10. minky

    What strange dreams do you have ?

    Hi, do any of you remember what you dream about ? and what sort of strange dreams do you have ? Last week I dreamt I was walking along a lovely warm sandy beach and a dirty great white dome jellyfish was blocking my way ... so I thought how can I get this great big white mound to move out my...
  11. minky

    Colour and cut video what do you think ?

    Just wondered what you all thought of this video especially the colour technique and the end result ? :) YouTube - Styling Victoria Beckham's Pob
  12. minky

    Oh why !....

    Just thought I would start an Oh why thread starting with ... Oh why does the postman always knock when you want a lie in ? Oh why do men always need to get something from the bedroom when you are undressed ? :green: would love to hear some more fom you guys x
  13. minky

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mouffloncake

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mouffloncake :hug: all the very best x x x x minky
  14. minky

    Tonsil stones

    Hi, please dont read if your are sqeamish I didnt know what tonsil stones were , one of my older teens developed them after a sore throat , and they keep coming back and is getting upset about them doctor says its nothing , but ..... I have heard that a mix of listerene and alcohol is good...
  15. minky

    Hair industry mourns the death Toni & Guy partner

    Hi, one of the famous Toni & Guy brothers , Guy Mascalo died last week :cry: some very sad News for all the hairdressing industry , here is a link
  16. minky

    professional tips for hairdressers

    Hi, I thought I would start a new thread by asking all you profesional hairdressers to give other professional hairdressers a useful tip or more that you may have come across in hairdressing anything from shampooing , cutting , colouring , perming extensions staightening ect right down to...
  17. minky

    netting look on the nails

    Hi, I was just wondering how do you do those nice net like patterns on the nails ? also do you have to have an airbrush ? :hug: minky x
  18. minky

    Bright colours in the hair yes or no ?

    Hi, I was just looking at the nail threads and was looking at all the nail art ect, (and I love classy nail art ) and I thought as a hairdresser I would to ask about bright vibrant primary colours on a hairdressing thread , I myself have never really wanted to wear bright pink, blue ,green...
  19. minky

    great big thumb lunulas

    Hi I was just wanting opinions on lunulas , do you find them attractive ? The reason I ask is I have a client with very large lunulas on both her thumbs, they nearly cover half the natural nail bed , plus she has decent sized nail beds and the rest of her other lunulas are barley there, she...
  20. minky

    Anyone know anything about pug puppys ?

    Hello all just wanting a little pug puppy advice , my Daughter is wanting a pug puppy I was just wondering what are they like to train ? and their temperament ? and does anyone know why are they so expensive ? I'm astonished at the price 1000 pounds plus :eek: I don't know much about pugs...