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  1. xkayla_herex

    Faulty batch - Salon System lash lift

    I have been using salon system for a long time. I use the sachets- I have had three clients now that it hasn’t worked for- these clients are regular, I have used the same rod size as I would normally for them- another therapist I spoke to has said lots of people have been complaining about salon...
  2. xkayla_herex

    Refund for wax gone wrong

    I done a client an eyebrow wax and tint- it was the second/ third time I have had this client. This time for some reason the skin in her eyebrows have peeled of leaving it scabbed. The temperature of the wax is always the same- she said it didn’t feel too hot so I know it’s not because of the...
  3. xkayla_herex

    How to achieve more blonde highlights

    Sorry just to add- I really like molly mad from love islands hair, I can’t workout if she has highlights or all over bleach? Do any of you hairdressers have an idea what she has?
  4. xkayla_herex

    How to achieve more blonde highlights

    Hello I am over from the beauty side, I hope you can help me. I used to have all over scalp bleach blonde hair, but now for about a year I have been having bleach blonde highlights. I feel my hair isn’t that blonde anymore and a week after having my hair done I felt like it already needing...
  5. xkayla_herex

    LVL hasn’t worked

    Thank you both for replying- I used the salon system solutions not LVL this client had her lashes done before and it worked fine- this is going to sound terrible but I didn’t cleanse the lashes before- I never do this and it always comes out fine but it could be possible maybe the lashes had oil...
  6. xkayla_herex

    LVL hasn’t worked

    I done a LVL on Friday and the lashes didn’t curl- I done what I would normally do, left it ok for the correct time etc. I’m thinking I used the wrong silicone roller size- I used the small ones. If her lashes weren’t that short then could this of been the reason her Lashes didn’t curl? The...
  7. xkayla_herex

    Patch test reaction lash lift

    I had a client come and have a patch test today for a lash lift then a few hours later she rang and said she has had a reaction. She said her eyes are itchy and red- I put the two solutions behind her ear not on her eyes but could this still give her a reaction to her eyes? She said the area...
  8. xkayla_herex

    Lash lift problem

    When you wipe of the perm lotion do you use dry cotton pad? If you wipe of the perm lotion so the lashes are mostly dry then apply more glue they should stick back down (maybe wait few seconds for glue to get tacky so it sticks better and hold it down. Do you use cling film on the lashes when...
  9. xkayla_herex

    Tanning solution help

    I’ve always used fake bake but felt the colour didn’t go dark enough for those wanting slightly darker. I now use LA tan and really like it- there’s lots of different shades but I tend to get the fast tan as it can be used on all clients- the longer it’s left on the darker it goes.
  10. xkayla_herex

    What to train in, waxing or lashes?

    We do a lot of waxing it’s really popular all year round but I think it’s unusual to do just this- are you looking to do this mobile or get a salon job? From my experience Most salons would want someone who does all treatments not just waxing. Also I’m not sure how popular waxing would be for...
  11. xkayla_herex

    I want to leave the industry

    Hello I am sorry you feel like this- I haven’t experienced this much at all- I have worked in the same salon for 9 years so see a lot of the same clients which I think probably makes a huge difference- you say you are in different salons maybe not having that really regular relationship with...
  12. xkayla_herex

    Dermalogica rep threatening account closure unless I order £2000 stock!

    Thank you for your reply it’s such a shame as I really do like dermalogica products but I think it is so cheeky telling me what I should have and making me feel as if I don’t deserve to use their products if I don’t spend enough money surely any custom they have is important! My rep is going to...
  13. xkayla_herex

    Dermalogica rep threatening account closure unless I order £2000 stock!

    I have had an account with dermalogica for about 10 years. The last two years I haven’t been great at doing lots of orders- I have had a rep come out to check the stock and she said I have to buy £2000 worth of stock to keep my account open. I don’t have every product rage of dermalogica- I...
  14. xkayla_herex

    Job vacancy Sanderstead/Croydon, Surrey

    Hiya I have a position available for a beauty therapist and thought this would be a great place to ask. I am looking for someone who is confident with their treatments, has had salon experience and is trained/ experienced in intimate waxing (brazzillian and hollywoods) as well as experience...
  15. xkayla_herex

    Salon skin brand-fed up with Dermalogica

    Thank you for replying rachael it’s good to have recommendations. Hi lynne I would love some information on your ranger of skincare this would be great.
  16. xkayla_herex

    Hair gone wrong? Photos included

    Thank you for your replies- you are right I was not completely clear as I was unsure myself what I wanted so it is possible she done what she thought was best. I’m trying to get my hair in good condition and not dye it so often so will wait a few weeks to get my hair re done again. I will ask...
  17. xkayla_herex

    Hair gone wrong? Photos included

    Anyone? X
  18. xkayla_herex

    Hair gone wrong? Photos included

    I wonder if any of you lovely hairdressing ladies can help me- I had my hair done last Monday (29th oct) I loved it when it was done but I have gone through it and to me it looks like the hair has not been blended well or a lot of the back has just been rushed through/skipped- I’m not a...
  19. xkayla_herex

    Salon skin brand-fed up with Dermalogica

    I currently use Dermalogica at my salon but I am getting slightly fed up with the company. They are constantly putting their prices up- they used to be a salon only product but you can now purchase these products in high street shops. I don’t sell much retail products at all- I’m not sure if...
  20. xkayla_herex

    What’s your staff make up/how much do you pay?

    If you can afford to get a receptionist then it’s probably best not to right now. If you feel you are not making enough then I definitely recommend putting your prices up- it’s always horrible having to do this but you will be surprised how accepting people are of this. I own a busy salon and...