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  1. Bev Rose

    Acrylic (Nail Harmony Fusion) Evolution 2 Day Training

    Harmony Evolution Course - Fusion Acrylic Mon 25th July (Day 1) & Mon 8th Aug (Day 2) 10am to 4 pm - The Ruby Hunt Centre, Donington, Spalding, Lincs. The Harmony Evolution Classes are designed for existing nail professionals who are familiar with one system and wish to expand their...
  2. Bev Rose

    Gelish Hard Gel/Reveal Training Course

    Gelish Hard Gel/Reveal Gel Evolution 2 Day Training Course Mon 20th June & Mon 4th July - 10am to 4pm at The Ruby Hunt Centre, Donington, Spalding Lincs. The Nail Harmony Evolution Courses are designed for those Nail Techs who are familiar with one service but wish to add another...
  3. Bev Rose

    Gelish Training Day

    GELISH TRAINING DAY Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish - 3 weeks of lasting colour, no chipping, smudging & super high sine & 72 colours including glitters & coming soon - The Rio Neon Collection! MON 27TH JUNE 10AM TO 4PM Come along to the Lincolnshire Gelish Training Day held at The Ruby...
  4. Bev Rose

    Abnormal growth of eponychium on toe - anyone seen this before?

    Hi, I had a client in for a shellac manicure today & she showed me her toe nail. Here's a pic It is an extension growing from her eponychium and is not attached to the...
  5. Bev Rose

    Worst fingernails & toe nails I've ever seen - on the same person

    I had a client booked in last week for a spa manicure & spa pedicure. She arrived still wearing nail enamel (I'm always suspect when new clients do that) Anyway, I did the usual consultation, santised her hands & removed her nail enamel & nearly passed out (Fingernails). This poor lady had...
  6. Bev Rose

    Looking for CND & Minxing tech in Gosport, Fareham, Portmouth area?

    I have a client moving to Gosport in a months time, she is a regular P&W & Minx client. I mix up a speacial blend of CND powders for her nail bed colour which is spot on (will let you have the recipie). She is in the Navy & will likely have other mates wanting Minxing etc. I would...
  7. Bev Rose

    Glitter tattoos - do you do them?

    Hi all, not sure where to put this so I thought Chit Chat would be ok. I'm looking into doing glitter tattoos, but I'm not sure if it's just for little princess party type peeps iykwim?? I was thinking this could be great for proms & clients who do have young children may want to pop...
  8. Bev Rose

    Really curly natural lashes - what the best way to apply lash extensions to these?

    I have very curly natural lashes on the corner of my right eye. My friend who came on the same lash course (Lash Perfect) with me does struggle to apply the lashes to my very curly lashes without sticking more than one natural lash to it. I wear c curls. Any advice would be appreciated xxx
  9. Bev Rose

    Shellac - French Manicure - how do you do yours?

    Ok, I'm sure this wasn't covered at the Event? When performing a french manicure with Shellac how do we do it? Base coat 1 coat negligee Free edge with cream Puff (tidy up smiles - with?? D-sperse or the pink bottle???) 1 coat top coat Cure required times between coats. Is...
  10. Bev Rose

    Pics of - THE EVENT 2010

    I thought I'd start a thread for a place for everyone to post/link to their pics from The Event 2010. I for one had a fantastic time.....really! Log in | Facebook
  11. Bev Rose

    What to look for when choosing a hair extensionist?

    Hi to all you hair geeks!! Could you please give me some advice ... I have a client who is searching for someone to do hair extensions for her. She has never had them done before and would like to know what she should look for when choosing someone. What type of bonds are best? What type...
  12. Bev Rose

    Lash Clients - how long do they keep their lash extensions on before removal & new s

    Hi I trained with Lash Perfect & was advised that a lash client needs to have their lashes removed after 12 weeks, then have a weeks break & then they can have them re-applied. They say that it is only their 'recommendation' however, and the person who trained me said not many of her clients...
  13. Bev Rose

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss (Angela)

    Happy Birthday Angela Have a fantastic day hunni :hug::hug: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. Bev Rose

    Lash extension Gel Pads - problems with allergic reaction

    Bit of a long post I'm afraid xx I have had a new client in last week who had a half set of lash extensions applied. I followed all normal consultation procedures & checked for allergies etc - no allergies was ticked on the form. I do her daughters nails & lashes and yesterday her daughter...
  15. Bev Rose

    Nail videos on you tube

    I have just been wasting my life looking at all the appalling amatuer 'how to do nails' videos on you tube. My god, it's scary stuff! One girl has a kit from the chemists, some sort of gel product, she had a filthy cloth with holes in beneath her hands & kept wiping her finger on it & blowing...
  16. Bev Rose

    Happy Birthday Gigi (Geeg)

    Have a truly fabulous birthday Gigi:hug: Lots of love to you :hug:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:hug:
  17. Bev Rose

    Happy Birthday Jo (Kittensgotclaws)

    Hi Jo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Have a lovely birthday Jo :hug::hug::hug:
  18. Bev Rose

    Clients husband's nails cracking across centre of nail plate - advice please

    One of my clients husband has recently undergone a serious operation (approx 6 months ago). He is slowing recovering at home, infact he is able to go out & about & play golf etc now. She called me on Sunday & told me he has about 4 nails that have cracked from sidewall to sidewall half...
  19. Bev Rose

    Mini Mani's for charity event - do I need a consultation form filling in?

    Hi, I am doing a charity event this weekend and offering free Mini Mani's with a donation to the 'Wish upon a Star Foundation'. The mani will be quick & consist of sanitise, file, buff to high shine & Oil. Maybe I will use my cuticle remover if needed - ? Just means it will take longer. Do I...
  20. Bev Rose

    Looking for CND L&P tech Leicester area?

    Hi, I have a client who's friend loves the nails I do for her and would love to have the same (I use CND custom blend P&W L&P on my client). She lives in Leicester and has had NSS nails in the past and is not happy with them for obvious reasons and would like a CND tech - are there any in...