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  1. pinkknailss

    Pregnant and training?

    Hello ladies I havent been on here for ages but still wanted some advice! Hope everyone is good! I am 4 months pregnant and struggling to find work so decided maybe training till im due would be a good idea to keep my occupied. I am due in feb17(FTM) and was looking at the training room...
  2. pinkknailss

    Apps that make your business life easier?

    Hello Geeks! After having a wonder around the internet looking at all aspects of planning future business projects, and general day to day tasks I was wondering what apps geeks are using to help run their business? Diary, client info, stock, finances, note taking, advertising, marketing etc
  3. pinkknailss

    Getting contracts

    So I've been thinking about how I can build my business in the future and what other avenues I can go down. I was wondering how would I (us geeks) go about getting long or short term contracts with other business to 'guarantee' a regular income. I mean things like modeling/dance/theater/drama...
  4. pinkknailss

    Website content tense

    Okay guys, before you read I am sorry if this a stupid question but here we go... What tense do I speak when writing on my website? I'm one person so... I am more than happy to help Luxe Tanning is happy to help We are happy to help I just do not know...cos right now my site is all over...
  5. pinkknailss

    St Tropez solution bottle

    Hi Geeks! I have St Tropez in original and dark. However yesterday I tired to to put the solution in the cup however it went everywhere! Question: How do i put the solution in the cup without it going every where? Because of the way the bottle opening is and the cup it doesnt work? And even...
  6. pinkknailss

    Cleaning-melted plastic in my oven

    Hey ladies! Just need a bit of advice before I call my land lord n tell her I broke the cooker. Basically I accidently left my small washing up bowl in the oven when i put some bread in. It melted obviously. However I was too stupid to leave it and tried taking it off. Which resulted in mush n...
  7. pinkknailss

    'The beauty project'

    Has anyone else seen this floating around? I think I found it on Facebook and unashamedly I followed the 'hype' and watched all he videos as they came out. And Was saddened by yesterdays final video and the price! I think what Hollie is doing is a great idea. However that is if you have money...
  8. pinkknailss

    Crisis of confidence

    I have been wanting to open my own salon/business for about 2/3 years since I started spray tanning. I spent the past 6 months doing my business plan to open a spray tanning only salon with 2 rooms (NO beauty treatments) and now I am down to the last few bits n bobs and I should be sending off...
  9. pinkknailss

    Tanning mist extraction

    Hey everyone I am planning my tanning rooms, I'm going to have 2, and while thinking I'm wondering if a extractor fan is the best way to go? OR should I invest 2/3 grand on buying those booths? I don't want to waste my money as they are VERY expensive. I was just going to have a tent and...
  10. pinkknailss


    Any planning geeks on the site? I've been looking for ages for a nice new Organiser for my entire life/daily activities. I had my eye on a Erin Condren planner for AGES! But it is very expensive and sadly the shipping to England is just way too much. I am super sad about this as I was...
  11. pinkknailss

    Driving geeks!

    Have any geeks done one of those 'Quick driving' courses? I want to do the automatic 5 day pass course which is a lot of money but I feel like I just need to bite the bullet and get it over and done with! Not driving is now affecting my entire life and of course my ability to develop my spray...
  12. pinkknailss

    London rental market

    Its so crazy! I can barely afford to live in croydon anymore! Its basically over £800 a month plus bills to rent a studio/1bed flat! Id love nothing more than a nice garden flat but thats just wishing upon stars! And the council tax?! Thats just day light robbery! You need about £2000 for...
  13. pinkknailss

    Tanning gel- why was this invented?!

    Yuck. First off. I bought a bottle of st tropez bronzing gel because it was reduced from £25 to £6.99. It is horrible! I feel like a brown sticky fly trap! My arms came out so badly i just used a baby wipe to take it off but it took off the excess n kind of blended it. But over all i am...
  14. pinkknailss

    Kardashian glow?

    I dony suppose any geeks know a whole saler for the kardashian glow tanning range? Looked online but not found exactly what I want. Any help? Feel free to pm me if you want :)
  15. pinkknailss

    Something just came out of my face-help geeks

    Hi guys please help mw im really freaked out. Ive had this white lump bu my nosr since forever and i could never get it out. Well i just got it out and ive reuined my face. I used my nails and tweezers and what came out was a hard white ball that had to be pulled out thr 'hole'. I now have a...
  16. pinkknailss

    something just came ouymt my face- help geeks

  17. pinkknailss

    Half term

    So its half term! I am sharing my niece who is 10 and my nephew who is 7 with my sister so she can keep her shop open. But what is everyone doing with their kids? Ivetried finding free things in London but not much luck so far
  18. pinkknailss

    New phone!

    I have had a blackberry for 4 years!!!!!! And now I have a s4 min I am having a look much fun! can't type fast with these bloody long nail a tho
  19. pinkknailss

    Cash flow sheet

    Hey geeks! I really need some help with my cash flow/financial forecast sheet for my business plan. I am really very bad with anything to do with numbers, very bad!(even reading telephone numbers requires concentration) So no amount of trying to do my forecast or reading up about it is...
  20. pinkknailss

    Quick survey!

    Hello geeks! If you have a spare 5mins could you please fill out my survey? Thank you xxxxx